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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Vegan Non-Food Stuffs

Today was...interesting. I woke up early to go to the food pantry this morning but before I did much of anything, I took note that I woke up on my own, rather than having my cat knead at me or start purring in my ear for food. When I looked into the living room, I saw her looking up at me quizzically with what looked like a little toy by her paws. But it wasn't a toy - it was a tiny dead mouse!
Gah. I've only had to deal with situations like this twice before but I do NOT do well. The first time actually involved me jumping cartoonishly up on a chair and yelping. The second time I made G do all the work. Both of those times, though, the mouse was alive in the beginning and still scurrying about but this time the little tiny thing was definitely dead. I stood stock still for about two minutes, wondering if I should wake G up to help me but once Haxan, my cat, started pawing at the thing again, I had to do something before she batted it away in a corner or I don't know what. So, shaking, I got the dustpan and swept it up, shakily opened the window and tipped the poor mouse outside. Oof. So, it was a natural occurrence and had to be done and I am more proud of my cat than sad for the mouse (though it was kind of cute - ack!) but I still feel weird. How do you all, as vegans, deal with mice or pests? Just wondering. Or maybe you don't have these problems. (By the way, our apartment is pretty clean and I've never noticed any mice living here. I'm not sure where it came from, but it must have snuck in from outside.)
Here's my fierce widdle kitty:

She got a treat with her morning food but I didn't have much appetite after that. I did eat some overnight oats with chia, yogurt, blackberries, and jam because I knew I'd be out for a while. I went to the food pantry (more harukei turnips!), ran some errands in the city (including mailing out foodzines!), and came home to the UPS man just about to pull away! I caught him just in time, luckily. He was delivering my new vegan shoes!

These are Saucony Jazz made of canvas and hemp. This was sort of the final step in my vegan-ness. I never wear fur, probably own some wool, and actually rarely buy my own clothes new (I either get hand-me-downs or buy from the Salvation Army) but I figured since I was adding to the consumerist mess I might as well try to make a difference and buy something specifically vegan. Do you guys steer away from all non-vegan products that aren't food-related? Or do you not bother one way or the other?


  1. I love mice. They're sweet and beautiful. Haxan meant no malice, so we can only wish you gave the poor mouse the dignified burial it deserved.

    Hope you bowl a few strikes in your new shoes.

  2. Aww that is such a sad thing to walk into first thing in the morning! I won't kill any bugs or anything but I run away a lot. If I spot something in the house I actually catch it and walk it outside which is a lot of effort and even though they creep me out I can't kill them. I LOVE the sneakers! Do they have other colors?

  3. Nevermind, like a genius I clicked on the link ;) I LOVE the purple and tan!!!

  4. I have that same pair of shoes...only in black and cream or whitey-beige sort of color. I bought them a couple of years ago...vegan shoes are the bane of my life...I buy only vegan shoes and avoid leather and wool etc...but for the life of me, it's so difficult to find cute vegan least cute according to my tastes. Sandals are easier... for the mousey...I love mice, and rodents in general. I've dealt with this many times with my cats, very unpleasant...and since they're indoor/outdoor kitties, they stalk birds too :( I always save the little critter and release it safely away from my beastly kitties if at all possible. Sometimes, I'm too late though. :(

    Also like VaVa, I don't kill spiders or other bugs...even when they're eating my garden veggies...just don't have the heart for it...I usually opt for relocating them to another part of the garden.

  5. Number 1: Our kitty Pumpkin is your kitty's twin!
    Number 2: I have some black Saucony Jazz of the vegan variety and I love them! Work out every day in them :)

  6. I don't seek out vegan shoes, but I do avoid leather. I probably buy more icky synthetics than I should, but I rarely buy new clothes or shoes. In fact, my shopping trip last weekend was the first new clothes I've bought in probably 2 years besides one pair of Levi's.

    Haxan doesn't look ferocious at all! My cat got a mouse once - now the mice stay away. I'm not too bothered with pests, besides mosquitoes, and I have a pet spider in my bathroom. We don't bother each other.

  7. Shen, they are beautiful. I wouldn't want them pooping in my kitchen, though. Now I feel bad about the quite un-dignified burial I gave it!

    VAVA, I liked the purple ones too but I got them from a different site for cheaper (!) so they only had these or the b/w ones.

    Rose, I'm with you: the styles are sorely lacking but hopefully that will change in time. Get Skinny, Go Vegan posted these the other day: which are cute, but I needed something a little more casual. And yah, my mom's old cat was WILD and would kill birds quite often, eek!

    Leslie, fuzzy cats 4 lyfe!

    Jessica, agreed, shopping is just too much hassle, haha. And you're right about Hax, she's a gentle dope. Mostly she looks at pests interestedly for a second or two and bats at them and runs away! I love spiders!

  8. Hi kitty! LOVE these shoes! Yes, I always buy vegan shoes, but I tend to buy the "accidentally vegan" cheapo shoes make of synthetic materials (most of Target's shoes). Also, most New Balance shoes are synthetic.

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