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Monday, June 20, 2011

That's a Wrap

Hot, hot day. I did manage to get a fair amount of work done today, though, which I'm happy about (sewing, cleaning, computer work, reading, groceries.) Unlike this poor lump who had to sleep alllll dayyyy to escape the heat of her fluff.

I had one of these to escape the morning heat:

Spinach, banana, frozen mango, kiwi, chia seeds, lemon juice, ginger, and coconut.
And one of these despite the evening still heat:

Whole wheat wrap with avocado, sweet potato, raw chard, and salsa.
Sierra Nevada Summerfest. Not as bad as most Sierra Nevadas.


  1. The smoothie looks excellent!

  2. The wrap looks very refreshing. The colors are so pretty it's a shame to hide them inside the tortilla!

  3. I am digging frozen mango in my smoothies these days, too. Nothing better for a hot day!

  4. awwww cute kitty pic!
    Thanks for the reminder that I need to buy more frozen mango. I've missed mango in my smoothies!

  5. Poor feline. May I respectfully phone your local ASPCA to report your situation? Perhaps they can help all of you in the apartment.

  6. Elisabeth, thanks :) I love her too!

    Ale, grazie. How do you say green in Italian??

    Andrea, not to worry - most of them fell out of the damn wrap anyway!

    Jessica, I like to drink it and pretend I'm living on a tropical island.

    Michelle, have you tried fresh mango? That's tasty too, and a little sweeter, it seems.

    Shen - if she'd just let me cut her hair! It would be so cute! And patchy! But cute!

  7. I was going to ask you this the other day: so obviously, I'm assuming you do not have any type of air conditioning? I'm such a wuss so I'm feelin' for ya, girl. We had no airconditioning upstairs for a week this month - it was 85 degrees, and I didn't know how I was going to live through it. I guess it's pretty typical to have no air in a NYC apartment? Not that you should feel jealous of me sitting in my airconditioning in my redneck town in Arkansas. Just curious as you know how much I long to live in NY.

    And I was curious if cats mind being shaved, but I saw what you said above.

  8. Jenny, nope, no air conditioning. It may be less an NYC thing than my particular distaste for A/C and general frugality. I suppose some apartments buy it for themselves but also with small enough apartments and a dearth of natural light and window space, it seems pretty common not to have A/C.
    You and your husband can always retire here! With global warming, it'll be plenty comfortable.


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