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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Salads

Haaaappy first day of summer. I wish I could have celebrated with a smoothie this morning, but I was out of spinach - which happens too often! I try not to buy too much at once because it gets slimy so quickly. Does anyone have any tips on how to store spinach? Anyway, berries and oats rang in the new season:

Overnight oats with chia seeds, banana, blackberries, and applesauce. Iced tea.
G was kind and got me a peach and an apple for snacks! I rarely eat peaches because I think I have a slight stone fruit allergy (the same thing happens with cherries) and they make my mouth itch! But it didn't happen with this peach, so, thank you, G, you're magic.
After the peach I had lunch, mostly leftovers from yesterday:

Mixed greens, chard, sweet potato, carrots, topped with homemade sundried tomato hummus. (I was actually making this hummus minutes before I left to meet my friend last night and ran out the door with chickpea juice on my fingers.) The salad was really good.
So good I had pretty much the same thing for dinner, after a short workout and shower (I reeeeally needed to sweat out some stress):

Salad (no sweet potato) with avocado and hummus for the ultimate creamy topping!
After looking at Shen's posts lately, I realize I rarely post my desserts. This is partially because I usually blog while eating dinner, and dessert comes too late to make the cut and partially because it's usually just an impulsive grab like a handful (or two) of chocolate chips or something. The last few nights, however, I haven't been feeling it (tonight included) despite leftover Father's Day coffee cake, plenty of dried fruit, jam and yogurt, applesauce, and chocolate chips. (Also unbaked cookie dough from the cookies of doom - but I ain't going near those.) I may skip dessert tonight but which would you guys pick? Do you usually eat dessert every night?
Speaking of Father's Day coffee cake - my mom sent me the pictures of the table! (And an awkward one of G and I that I am definitely not going to post.)

Cute little yard my folks have. Eating outside is so nice, I always forget. Minus the bees.
Anyway, screw dessert, bring on the beer. Tonight's is Brooklyn Summer Ale because now it is official!


  1. I wish I could be so cheery about the first day of Summer, its been raining in the West of Scotland nonstop :(

    All your Sumemr Salads look good to me. Liking the sundried tomato hummus one especially.

  2. Pretty table! Happy Summer!

  3. I'm with you on skipping dessert and moving directly on to the beer. Your folks' table looks absolutely charming and inviting! It's the season for outdoor dining.

    Happy Summer Maud!...chickpea juice on your fingers sounds like the perfect way to ring it in! :)

  4. Aaah everything looks so yummy!! That salad looks scrumptious and you know how I feel about oats ;) How did you like the sun-dried tomato hummus? I've always wanted to try it but never had the chance but they are two of my favorite things so I can't imagine it is anything but yummy!

  5. What the heck do you mean you 'rarely post desserts'?! This blog is like almost entirely pics of your little hand shoving baked goods into the camera lens! If muffins, poppy seed cake, coffee cake, cookies, raw balls and sweet breads aren't dessert, I don't know what is!

    Sorry. Just gotta call em like I see em. Nice Father's Day spread and what not.

  6. Shaheen, hopefully it will clear up soon! (At least it must be helping your allotment grow.)

    Happy Summer, Jenny!

    Rose, thanks, yeah, I forget how nice their yard is sometimes. It's small but private.

    VAVA, I think sundried tomato hummus is one of the best (homemade) flavors. I love roasted red pepper hummus too but haven't tried to make that myself. You should try it! It is so easy!

  7. Shen, I guess you're right. I probably feel like my little hand with a muffin in it don't really measure up to MAGIC BARS.

  8. What a great looking table spread! I love eating outside, too, but there's a tiny window when it's not too buggy.


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