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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Grocery Yield

Like I said, the fridge was pretty bare the other day.

We had cat food, condiments, soy and rice milk, various liquids, grapes, zucchini and cabbage. That was basically it, minus pantry stuff and the chard I had in the crisper (willing it to re-crisp!) A $41.14 stop at Trader Joe's gave us this:

Dried mango and dried figs, mini semisweet chocolate bars, raw cashews, a Larabar and a Pure bar, parsley, chipotle salsa, bananas, unsweetened applesauce, grape tomatoes, an unripe avocado, blueberries and mushrooms, frozen peas (for more pea dip!), organic carrots, 2 boxes of tofu, tempeh, an orange and an apple. This is more or less my usual standard, supplemented as needed by other produce and G's cereal etc. I almost always cave and buy bars and dried fruit that I eat too quickly, I don't always buy nuts, and even tofu and tempeh aren't usually on the list but I figure they're good to have and you can freeze the tofu. G was picking up some other salad stuff so I held off on broccoli, red peppers, cucumber, and greens. So what did I do with the haul? Stuff more chard wraps, of course:

With iced green tea on the side.
And today, on the chard's last legs and no more pea dip in sight (yet!), I wilted it with a warm lentil salad to combine pantry stuff I'd like to clear out and the fresh veg:

I'm glad to have made this because I need to have actual food ready in the heat: if it's too hot I don't want to cook but just end up snacking ridiculously on chips and salsa and dried fruit, like I did yesterday. Quick mixed salads are one sign of summer for me, here's another typical Brooklyn summer shot:

Drying laundry on the fire escape, beer and bare legs, ever working on my tan. (I eventually start to lightly freckle come September.)
Do you all actually enjoy going grocery shopping? Some people think it's a chore but I really like it and sometimes find myself browsing a store just to pass time and see what they have. Actually, I stopped in a grocery store in a Polish neighborhood yesterday and was eyeing their pickle section and all the mysterious juices. Goooood times.


  1. those poles and their mystery juices.....wait im polish...i should know about that....

    thats a great haul!! you got so much for 41$ i would have guessed with the dried fruits and nuts it would have been higher.

    michelle from dirty duck

  2. That is a nice haul! I desperately need to go grocery shopping. I normally enjoy it but when it is so hot I don't want to eat anything so I never know what to get! your loot looks beautiful and colorful though!!

  3. Pretty good scores for just $41! I heart Trader Joe's.

  4. I want to layout and get my tan on on a trendy Brooklyn fire escape. Although I don't have any tattoos...or a micro-brew...Guess I'll just have to stay inside under the covers while the AC blasts icy cold air..sigh...

  5. Wow, awesome haul! I love Trader Joe's. I also love grocery shopping; I don't find it to be a chore at all. I actually look forward to it, sad as that might be. :)

    Those chard wraps look so delicious! I have been loving iced green tea, too.

  6. Michelle, you're right - I think those figs aren't too expensive, though. My favorite juice I saw yesterday was some green kiwi-banana thing with a bear on it!

    VAVA, get frozen peas! That way you can linger in the cool freezer section and then make the delicious pea dip!

    VB, I love it a little too much.

    Shen, I want hour+ lunches, so we're even.

    Jess, do you heat the water for your green tea or let it seep room temp?? I read you don't need to heat it up but I'm not sure about that.

  7. I love Polish pickles and syrups. Trader Joe's always gets you more for you dollar than Whole Foods, plus their Roasted Red Pepper spread is to die for!

  8. Oh man - I LOVE going to the grocery store! Soemtimes I'll make a pit stop (since it's on a main street in my town) just to grab a shot of wheatgrass and eyeball the fresh produce.
    I'm super envious of the fact that you have access to a Polish neighborhood/store in your area. I have deep Polish roots in my family, but no knowledge of real traditional Polish food outside of sausage and super heavy creamy pasta dishes. I need to do some Polish food research!


  9. Elisabeth, yeah I remember growing up with the almond or blackberry syrups that you put into seltzer! I should get some more!

    ATV, maybe you'll post some rawified Polish food soon? Eh? ;)

  10. love the relaxing pic! mmmm! seems wonderful.

    and as for grocery shopping...i LOVE it too!

  11. Wow, nice haul! I love how far a dollar seems to go at Trader Joe's... I practically live there for my staple ingredients, especially nuts and seeds.

    PS, I'm kind of gawking at how much space there is in that fridge shot... I haven't seen mine that empty, ever! (Although I sure wouldn't mind it... I'm thinking of all that space to quickly cool baked goods!)


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