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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day and Sugar Shock

Heyo. Happy Fathers' Day to none of my readers (unless you're a dad, then big ups.) I had a nice day. Church, making lunch to eat at the folks', a walk around their hood, some work at home, and now beer.
For lunch I made an orzo salad, like I've made a few times before. This one had basil, sundried tomatoes, navy beans, lemon juice, garlic, a little crumbled dried thyme, salt and pepper. I also made a kale salad with bell pepper, avocado, cucumber, red onion, red pepper flakes, lemon juice, and salt.
Seconds after making it safely to my parents' house, I dropped my bag and spilled about 1/8 of the orzo onto the sidewalk! I am such a klutz. Luckily, there was enough that was salvageable and, hey, at least the ants got some too. Anyway, the spread was then supplemented with cold roasted beets and fresh tomatoes that my mother had already. She also heated up some (naan-vegan) naan for my dad, herself, and G, who so kindly came along (sorry for stealing your son for the day, Ken!) We ate outside in the sun and I actually did get a few shots of the whole table but they're on my mom's camera. Maybe she'll send them to me some day.
Here, anyway, is the leftovers I had for dinner:

Orzo mixed with kale salad.
I also served up Hannah Kaminsky's Poppy Seed Coffee Cake from her new Vegan Desserts. She writes that it's perfect for a Mothers' Day brunch, but I decided to gender-cross a bit. Plus I call my father Poppy, so I though it was cute. I don't own a tube pan, so I baked it in a springform pan, which I think had something to do with the cake being a little undercooked, but it was still tasty. I love the crunch of the poppy seeds. I only wish the coffee flavor were a bit more pronounced.

I love the little trail of poppy seeds in the center!
And, not exactly related to today but another baking endeavor: I made the Bakery-Style Crispy Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies from Kelly Peloza's Vegan Cookie Connoisseur last night for no good reason, really. G says they're the best chocolate chip cookies I've ever made and I, well, I didn't say much of anything because I had to fall asleep almost immediately after eating one. I usually cut back on both sugar and oil in recipes but sometimes that backfires on me, so I just stuck with the recipe on this one and I kind of regret it. I'm glad G likes them because I cannot handle that much sugar.


Do you guys usually follow recipes to the letter on the first attempt?


  1. Aw, too bad it didn't come out quite perfectly... I really hope you [and your dad!) still liked the cake though.

  2. The salad looks so yummy! The cake looks yummy too and it is so cute that you made a poppy cake for your Poppy :) The cookies look yummy too! I usually follow a recipe to the letter on first attempt to see where it is on the spectrum and adjust it to taste after that! I need to pick up Vegan Desserts, I've been seeing all of these beautiful recipes from it as well as Vegan Cookie Connoisseur!

  3. Poppy seed cake for Poppy, I love it. The orzo salad sounds awesome. I follow a recipe the first time, unless I'm out of something, then I'll try to come up with a substitution. Cookies can put me in a food coma too. It seems to depend what time of day I eat them.

  4. I'm sure the ants thank you very much for the food. :o) I'm glad you were able to salvage most of the salad. That would have been a total bummer if you had of lost it all. Everything does sound/look really good, especially the poppy cake!

  5. i almost always cut out at least a bit of sugar and oil, to make me feel better about the situation.

  6. You chose a springform pan in lieu of a tube pan? You don't own a bundt pan?

  7. Hannah, everyone enjoyed it, definitely. I think it was one of those things where only the person who made it notices its (slight) problems.

    VAVA, the salad was so good. Almost at your chopped salad level!

    Sara, that might have been part of it - it was sort of late and I went to bed late the night before as well but geez - no more cookies for me.

    Michelle, haha, my mother was almost ready to scoop it out of the bag (some of it fell in my bag too before it fell on the sidewalk) back into the bowl but I restrained her.

    Jenny, I'm with you.

    Shen, I actually don't have a bundt pan. Should I get one? I haven't seen too many recipes call for them...

  8. Oh, your orzo salad looks so very good. I'll have to give that a try.

    I am super bad about following recipes. I can't bake because things never come out right because I resist measuring! Those cookies look great.


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