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Friday, May 20, 2011

Quick and Easy

Hi guys. Today was a little untypical in terms of food because plans were up in the air. It is my momma's birthday (Hi Mom!) and my sister just graduated college (HI LIZ) so I thought I might be heading to the folks' after work to celebrate but they are busy and whatnot. I didn't want to pack a big deal for lunch and then have to carry the tupperware around in my bag. Plus I bought a sandwich yesterday and pretty much had to eat the damned thing so it wouldn't go bad (I was out for the night and thought I might need it but then I realized I'm OCD and can't eat "on the go"). Turns out the shortcuts where unnecessary. Still, I feel pretty good. I was energized throughout the day and never stuffed. I'm not trying to eat like this often but sometimes quick and easy is plenty acceptable.
Breakfast was a smoothie:

Spinach, 3 frozen strawberries, 1 banana, 1/3 mango, Vega natural protein powder, shredded coconut, flax, lemon juice, ginger.
I snacked on a not-so-great organic Fuji apple at 11:30.
Lunch was in two parts. This sandwich as I ran errands on lunch at 2:

I thought I liked this flavor but it turns out I don't. It was mostly cabbage and then some weird flavor I couldn't quite pick out. Not spicy at all and I'm not sure what made it "Hawaiian-Taste." Oh well, it kept me full until 5, when I ate these: Red pepper and carrot sticks.

When I got home I ate the other half of the red pepper and grilled up some Tofu Pups leftover from a HOT DOG PARTY G and I had the other week.

Topped with raw, local kim chee (so good), mustard and ketchup. I swear I had a salad on the side but I can't load the picture. For dessert I had two of the biscuits with raw honey and a date. Also tea because I'm trying to get some writing done tonight.
Speaking of birthdays, G's brother's birthday is on Sunday so we're having his fam over for dinner. It should be fun!

So - I know vegans are always supposed to be prepared in terms of carrying food but apparently I need to come up with something better than those pre-made sandwiches. What do you guys pick up in a pinch? (Besides bars - I eat too many of those already)


  1. I pretty much carry 2-3 snacks with me at all times, so that if i have to have something I have options, but if I didn't- I would go for some combo of veggies and/or fruit. ie. a salad, a fruit salad, mixed veggies, etc...

  2. My life isn't busy enough for me to worry about where my next meal might come from. I live to eat, not visa versa.

    How did you grill up the Tofu Pups?

  3. Hey, we're OCD, too, most of us anyhow. I completely understand your, uh, issues. So, that looks like a very bready hot dog bun. I've never tried kim chee on a hot dog - sounds pretty good. So, your mom's b-day, sister's grad, and my anniversary - the 20th rocks! :-) As far as snacks - they get inhaled too quickly around here for me to even entertain the idea that I could sneak some in my purse.

  4. That sandwich does sound interesting and promising...I would have been drawn to it too, bummer it wasn't very tasty. But, the tofu pups sound like they made up for it.

    If I'm hungry and out running errands, I guess I usually opt for piece of fruit...if I'm being healthy, if not, I love corn nuts.

    Sounds like a lot of special occasions and fun this weekend. Enjoy!

  5. What, the bell pepper and carrots at 5 weren't filling enough? I carry almonds in my purse. I carry organic suckers as a last resort to keep my kids occupied, but that doesn't really help you...let's see...yeah, nut butter & fruit spread sandwiches are really our "on the go" go-to. I can't think of anything that rivals it as far as keeping fresh and holding up to being tossed around. We also always have baby carrots and grapes with us. I don't live in a city that allows me to walk around and run into a shop really quickly like you. Could you freeze some hearty/healthy muffins and stick one in your bag, then it would be thawed by the time you need a snack? That's kind of like a bar, I guess, but it's all I got. Hope you're having a good weekend!

  6. I do the same as you...I always have a bar with me, but I am getting tired of them...if that's possible. If I'm out and starving, I head to subway for a veggie sandwich. That's about the best I can do where I bummer. :o)

  7. I know I'm out of the loop, but I had to come by to see what suggestions you got for snacks to carry with you. I'm at home 95% of the time, and the other 4% I'm going out to dinner... so really I only have a small window to get hungry. But I tell you I need some ideas for that 1%. The last trip I took, I carried a baggie of prunes. I eat 3 and feel full for a while.

  8. Thanks for the suggestions, guys. It's hard for me to think about touching food and popping it in my mouth. It's why I usually opt for bars - because they have the wrapper on them.
    I like the idea of thawing a muffin out or eating baby carrots. I should have just prepared something at home and dealt with toting it around. A banana would also have been good since it comes pre-packaged too!


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