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Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Day Outside, Dining, Drinks and Dessert

G and I are pretty much homebodies. Or, rather, I am and he has a life-encompassing hobby that can only be done at home so we don't go out much. But his brother and his wife had two extra free tickets to go see Stomp today and invited us along! G is a very talented drummer as well as a very talented cartoonist so he was particularly interested to see the show.
It was really entertaining! I was smiling through almost the entire show and definitely tapping my feet at times. It was clever and visual as well as musical. I think it had a really good urban, working class message too that made me remember and finally get the Roseanne reference!

Yeah, that was definitely my favorite show for a reason.
Anyway, G's brother and his wife (OKAY I'm just gonna call them Andy and Maritza because this is getting confusing!) are vegan too, so afterwards we all went out for some early dinner at The Organic Grill. I got the Raw Kale Salad, which also had collards, carrots, scallions, dulse, tomatoes, hemp seeds, and olives in a "sweet herb dressing." It imposing plate full of green. It was also pretty tasty, though a bit lacking in spice. The olives were a good addition. I brought some home (it was really a HUGE plate) and topped it with red pepper flakes for a second-session dinner.

We walked over to Lula's Sweet Apothecary afterwards, an all-vegan mostly ice cream shop. I'd heard of this place but never stopped to see it. It's not exactly the sort of place I'd seek out on my own. They have both soy-based and cashew-based ice creams, vegan malts, vegan egg creams, etc. I also spied a few vegan candy bars in the shop. Hot as it was today, I've got to admit, I'm not an ice cream person (vegan or not) and the very small storefront was packed so I waited outside. Maybe for the blog readers' sake I could have sampled something but I uh..didn't want to make you jealous. Yeah, that's it. G sampled chocolate and vanilla and said they were good. Andy and Maritza both got chocolate peanut butter ice cream. Thanks, guys, for inviting us out!
G had to get to band practice (amped on Stomp!) but we stopped for one beer beforehand. I'd heard Lindsay raving about Dogfish Head's summer Aprihop beer (OMG! The suggested go-withs are salad and hummus! That's what I eat!) and we tried to seek it out at Barcade but they were only carrying their Festiva Peche beer. We got that anyway and it was great (just a little less boozy). I could easily have spent the rest of the evening in a chill bar with a cold beer but...didn't. Probably for the best. I came home, ate the rest of the kale, read, sweated, and made myself dessert.

Cherries and white wine. I also had some chocolate chips and now I am listening to Pavement really loudy which means SUMMER IS HERE. I hope you guys had a great day too!


  1. OMG that is so funny I did the same NYC eating last summer when my friend came to visit me! We ate at the Organic Grill (I had the tofu scramble and it was amazing!) and then we went over the Lula's. That is awesome :)

    For some reason blogger wont let me comment on my blog so I'll reply to your comment here. Cherries are one of my fav fruits and the salad is my staple salad and it is REALLY good! I did Bikram yoga for a while so this heat doesn't bother me ;)

  2. Ok, I have to see Stomp...I hope the show comes to SEattle. I love it! How exhilarating it must be. I love street drummers...and drummers in general, my fav bro is one, so I grew up with drumsets in the house.

    OMG: Roseanne looks so young there. Great clip!

    Sounds like a great evening out and so cool that G's bro and wife are also vegan...Bonus!!! That kale salad looks right up your alley, it contends with your own healthy creations.

    Thanks for the heads up on the Aprihop beer...I've been wanting to try it and coupled with hummus...I'm there! Cherries and white wine...I'm all over that too! Ah, summer.

  3. yay, summer! gotta have a little 'summer babe' to mark the beginning of summer :)

    stomp looks like lots of fun, so much energy. glad you had a good time!

  4. VAVA, that is pretty funny, especially since Organic Grill doesn't seem to be one of the usual stops for most people.

    Rose, it was a lot of fun! I hope you do get to see it. Yeah, I'm glad I got the kale salad. I have a lot of trouble picking what to eat when I order out and am almost always disappointed, but I guess if you order what you always eat anyway, you know you'll like it, right? Haha, kind of boring but whatever!

    Sara, that's so true - the energy (including audience participation) was a huge part of it.

  5. Waited OUTSIDE a vegan ice cream shop??? Sacrilege!

  6. The Organic Grill is definitely not one of the usual stops but I was with an omni so I was trying to think of somewhere that wouldn't scare him :) and who doesn't love ice cream?!


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