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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cookbook Club 3.3: Creamy Broccoli-Mushroom Bake

After the freshness and healthiness that was yesterday's lunch, tonight's dinner represented the other side of Vegan Yum Yum: creamy, cheesy, comfort food. This isn't typically my kind of meal but I picked it primarily because I had almost all the ingredients needed to make it (except for raw cashews, which I didn't mind buying because, really, everyone should always have them in their pantry anyway).
So, when you think "casserole," you think one-dish easy peasy, right? Maybe I've never had a casserole before (quite possible) but I set to preparing this after I got home from work yesterday and almost didn't make it when I realized how many steps there were. Hell, I had to eat half a sandwich halfway through to keep from fainting dead away (sort of). I dirtied a blender, a food processor, a baking dish, a pan, a pot, and a mixing bowl! I even almost skipped a step due to both time concerns and because I wanted to keep it a little healthier. Eventually I went through with it all because trying to healthify a recipe that calls for alfredo sauce is probably a lost cause anyway.
And, well, it was very tasty. Photogenic...not so much.

I served it with a bit more steamed broccoli, red tomatoes, and orange bell pepper.

I tried to get an inside shot for you, but mush is mush.
The filling is basically cooked orzo with sauteed chopped broccoli and mushrooms coated in Ulm's "Hurry Up Alfredo Sauce." It's then topped with breadcrumbs and paprika and baked. Was it worth it? Sure. Will I make it again? Probably not. Do you feel like making it anyway? Amber Shea posted the recipe here. Do you guys have a favorite basic casserole?


  1. That looks like you cooked a tribble.

  2. Oh, I don't think it's unphotogenic; it looks like a tasty casserole to me...I love the look of the bread crumbs on top. And what it lacks in color is made up for by all the bright veggies on the side.

  3. You freshened up the casserole - it looks good to me. I need to catch up with your background - how have you not had a casserole? Do you have a name for what I would call a casserole dish? I guess we aren't completely globalized, are we?

  4. Shen, you're a hard one to please. Just when I think you're into chili lime tofu you go and hate casserole?

    Joe, first I googled what a tribble was; second, you're a nerd.

    Rose, THANK YOU. I like the paprika on top of the bread crumbs!

    Jessica, my folks were not what you would call a traditional American cooks. I've seen tuna noodle casserole but never tasted it...what other kinds of casseroles are there? Am I missing out?

  5. It looks good to me!! I looooove mushrooms. I have been meaning to try that Hurry Up Alfredo recipe, too!

  6. Looks great. I love broccoli!

  7. Jess - the sauce itself was pretty good. I can see it going on a lot of tasty food.

    Aimee, I do too! I almost with you could taste it more in the casserole.

  8. Ohh I was just thinking about this recipe the other day. I made it once a while back and LOVED it! True, more laborious than many a casserole (perhaps why I haven't made it again), but ultimately totally worth it :)

  9. It looks and sounds good, but I don't think I would be down with it taking so long to make. I'm getting to where I want fast and easy meals...during the week at least. It does sound good though!
    I don't have any vegan casserole go to recipes...sorry.


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