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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco de Vegan Mayo-ish

I don't doubt that some of you are celebrating Cinco de Mayo in a very clever, cute, and delicious way (Jenny, I'm looking at you). I can't even keep track of how many recipes I bookmarked and then realized I'm too cheap to buy something for the novelty of a meal. And we still have leftovers. Kudos to those of you who made something interesting.
Breakfast was just breakfast, no huevos rancheros here.

Plain soy yogurt, goji berries, sliced banana, pumpkin seeds with powdered ginger. Irish breakfast tea.
Lunch was - dare I say it - Italian. Didn't even have the 20 minutes apparently to make and tote along tacos.

Mixed greens with orzo salad and pesto.
Dinner, I tried. But not too hard. We had one last avocado from the dinner party that I wanted to use before it shriveled up (eew) as well as an open half-can of chickpeas. Sara convinced me it was okay to eat chickpeas instead of black beans today. I even almost made this corn salsa before realizing I used up all my frozen corn.

Mixed greens, tomato, cucumber, chickpeas (straight from the can, not even refried), red pepper, carrot with guac on top.
So, whatever. Happy Cinco de Mayo. I might drink a beer but probably not some Tecate or Corona. I enjoy my beers a little darker and I enjoy my whiskey more than beer. Oh well.


  1. Happy Cinco de Mayo! Yes, I think it's ok to eat chickpeas today! I hope so, I've eaten some...but then again, I'm not doing the C d. Mayo thing either...some Corona sounds good though...

    Re the food proper: your breakfast looks so festive with the gojis and the pumpkin seeds, all the salads...healthy, yummy, and fresh-looking as per usual. :)

  2. "Dinner, I tried. But not too hard" hhhahaha you always get me:) i think your breakfast looks pretty,and i didnt cook anything special, i just saw how many pieces of sushi i could eat at the chinese buffet...

  3. and GOOD im not the onbly non mother to read her(jenny) homeschool blog:) she does come up with some really neat things, i think she said she used to teach preschool(?).

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  5. Nice looking food. Guess there are NOT any Mexican teas out there.

  6. We usually celebrate food-wise by going out to Mexican dinner. But, with G's toe (remember a chunk of it missing?), we can't really go anywhere. So, it was a regular day for us, too. You are not alone. :-)

  7. Ha ha! I also looked longingly at themed recipes...but ultimately decided on a salad and toast with pb&j. So you were one step ahead of me ;-)

  8. Rose, I was surprised how many people didn't over the top celebrate! We're in good company. Now I don't feel so lazy.

    Michelle, yeah I love both of Jenny's blogs. Sushi sounds good too!

    Shen, not unless they're seeping something illegal...

    Blessed Mama, I remember! The story is etched in my mind!

    Jennifer, I'm beginning to the fun is drooling over everyone else's work and sitting back with my feet up :)

  9. YUM. I want some nachos right now!!!

  10. Ha! I may have let you down! Darn it! We did have a big nacho meal one night in lieu of a big celebration. I was all thrown off because we're still in "Great Britain" world, and I was going to meander off for Cinco de Mayo - but I felt a little tired that day.

    I know I've said something similar before, but you always inspire me to eat more salads and fresh food.

  11. Jenny I just read your post and you did NOT let me down. You just had your focus elsewhere.


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