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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday we had no food in the house! It was dire straights over here. Breakfast was unphotographed; it even pains me to say it: I had tea, a pita, and some applesauce. Later, I did have one of these Spirulina and Cashew Raw Revolution bars as a mid-morning snack.

I like this flavor a lot, and it's the only flavor I've seen in a sample size, which I also greatly appreciate.
Lunch was me scaring up a salad:

This was romaine, a little spinach, cucumber, carrots (which I luckily had a 5lb. bag of), jarred sun-dried tomatoes and raw sunflower seeds in a tahini/lemon/harissa dressing of sorts. It was tasty, don't get me wrong, but gasping for vegetables.
On lunch, I went grocery shopping. Ah, kale.
Dinner featured the beautiful booty:

Zucchini, organic yellow bell pepper, and steamed kale. I munched on some carrots and celery while making this. Re-vivified, G and I headed out to a friend's birthday at a bar and played a few rounds of bocce! It was pretty fun and now I feel even more like a 74 year old than usual.
Today's breakfast was a rather gray smoothie. The bananas weren't quite ripe, but it was good otherwise. It had: Blueberries, strawberries, a banana, spinach, kale, flax seed, and vanilla extract. I also had a handful of pumpkin seeds.
Then I went to my parents' house and did some gardening for my mom! Digging in the dirt is a long-forgotten pleasure, too often not indulged. I fixed that today. I planted radishes and pumpkin and moved some other plants around, along with raking, breaking down sticks, filling planter beds and aerating soil. I came back with a mint plant from their garden and some raw wheat germ not from their garden.
I quickly made some lunch because G and I were both stahhhving. We had plans to go out to dinner so I made a light broth-y soup, that actually looks a lot like Shen's, but less on steroids (Man Ram, anyone?)

Veg broth, onion and garlic, carrots, celery, kale, and exactly three sun-dried tomatoes, with spices.
And for dinner, back to Taco Chulo's. This time I got the Conejo burrito which was beans, guac, cabbage!, radish, lettuce, and potatoes. Really, really good. We don't often eat out but G was going to band practice in that direction anyway and last night (coming home from the bar, hungry, obviously) we started talking about tacos and couldn't get it out of our heads. Here's the leftover half of my burrito. Does not do it justice.

I think we're all caught up here. Now I'm off to do some extra special baking ;)


  1. You always have the yummiest looking salads!

  2. i can see how good that burrito was, the inredients sound great.

    now bocce ball....not so much hahah you are so funny:)

    you sure did a lot in that garden, just reading all that you did was making me tired! ttysoon

  3. Mmmm! Everything looks so fresh and delicious. And that burrito!! You know how much I love burritos :)

    Also, I totally dig bocce ball! I wish I had a sweet visor to wear while I played. Oh! Or maybe some specially designated "outdoor bocce slippers". I may have been born an 80 year old...


  4. woo hoo! Extra special baking!

  5. Your food looks great even when you don't have food. I think it's great that helped out your mom - we moms need some special attention sometimes. What's the special occassion for the special baking??

  6. We just played bocce ball yesterday! Fun fun! The kale looks especially good. I've been craving it a lot lately.

  7. When I can't get Tacos out of my head, I eat a Burrito.

    Blessed Mama, the occasion for the special baking is Contest Fraud.

  8. I agree with BlessedMamma....your food looks great even when you don't have any. :)
    And that and Shen are killing me with your good looking soups!
    We went to Moe's yesterday to get burritos, and I totally forgot to take a picture. I didn't have any leftover...boooo

  9. Thanks, Alayna, this one was actually probably saved by the dressing.

    Michelle, I love cabbage in burritos!

    LS, I didn't even know they made special bocce slippers! Haha, I'm sure you'd look great shuffling around in those.

    Dianne, I screwed it up! But I think I made up for it tonight.

    Blessed Mama, thanks. My mom is a busy lady and I like messing around in the dirt so I'm happy to help her. You guys really do deserve any help! And, yes, as Shen helpfully pointed out and Dianne quickly caught on to - the baking was for the giveaway.

    Vegan Flower, I give in to any and all kale cravings. Except they're called kravings.

    Shen, we all know that tacos are burritos just like burritos are everything else on a Mexican menu.

    Michelle, thanks. I think the little bit of spinach helped. Soups are so easy and you're running out of time - make it now!


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