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Monday, April 11, 2011

The White Stuff, and Some Right Stuff

I have to get this off my chest, guys. I have a problem:

Just kidding, it's confectioner's sugar! But it was cracking me up last night. And I finally just really looked at Sarahfae's banner at Addicted to Veggies! Okay, I'll stop. But sugar is addictive too!
Breakfast was really sweet, but naturally so.

3 leaves of kale, 1 1/2 bananas, a few frozen strawberries, and Vega vanilla "Health Optimizer". Protein power! I was full after this for, like, forever. Also - we were out of spinach but the kale was a perfectly fine substitution, it just didn't get as well blended as the spinach does. This made more than a glassful so I gave some to G. It's good that it kept me full for so long because I had a lot of running around to do today - Post Office, groceries, meeting up with my friend for a quick exchange of goods (he gave me some L'Ambic! Thanks, Joe!), a trip to Home Depot (in which I walked, or slowly trudged, home with about 40 lbs. of dirt and some bulky pots), ETC.
When I finally settled in, I made some sun-dried tomato hummus and a salad.

I also had a bunch of handfuls of TJ's Everything crackers. Addictive. Later I snacked on ahem, a few of these Mocha Mama cookies from VCIYCJ that I made last night. The coffee glaze on top incorporates that powdery white stuff up there. They were also a bit of a bust and didn't come out exactly how I had hoped, which is why I'm eating them instead of sending them to Dianne. Dianne, I'm still working on it!

I don't know if I should say these were bad news or no because following these cookies and the coffee, I cleaned the apartment, planted some arugula seeds, and finished up two poems that had been nagging me for a while. Phew.
I wasn't too hungry for dinner after this but later made a replica lunch salad for dinner (just less chopping).

Hopefully the vegetables balanced out all the sugar I ate today and I won't be up all night polishing doorknobs and scattering poetry pages across the newly swept floor.


  1. Ooooh, your smoothie sounds so good. Maybe I'll get some of that Vega Vanilla!

  2. ooh those cookies look really good! after burning a million calories carrying dirt deserve em'. the mocha frosting is different.

  3. Wow, I wish I got that much energy from sugar. I haven't tried making Mocha Mamas yet; it always bothered me that they call for 'coffee extract.' Who has coffee extract!?

  4. Your salads look really delicious. As do the cookies, even if they weren't perfect.

  5. I made the mocha mama's as one of my holiday cookies last year. They were one of the few that didn't turn out great--pretty dry and not super flavorful (the other one that wasn't great was the pignoli almond cookies). Good that you ate lots of veggies to balance the sugar!

  6. I think sugar is more addictive than the other white stuff! :o)
    Those cookies really do look good. I think I could have used a couple of those yesterday, because I was sooo sleepy all day.

  7. That was just on my mind - I figured with all that healthy goodness you just consumed, you shouldn't feel bad about testing out those cookies. That celery looks so fresh and crunch - the perfect complement to that yummy hummus.

  8. I love Addicted to Veggies banner. lol Those cookies sound quite good. Hopefully the next batch comes out the way you want!

  9. yum! To everything! I am seriously starving my face off now from going to all your guys blogs.

    PS: Can you please come to my page and vote for me on PETA??? THANK YOU!!!!

  10. Aimee, I do recommend the powder taste-wise and staying power-wise, but sometimes just a smoothie is enough. I'm on the fence about these powders.

    Michelle, that's what I told myself too.. And haha, yes the frosting is different because I screwed it up!

    Dianne, the coffee extract just seems to be coffee and alcohol, which is kind of lame. You might be well enough off with adding straight coffee or even espresso powder into the batter. The flavor wasn't even very obvious.

    Thanks, Tweal!

    Jennifer, I'm glad it wasn't just me. That's pretty much what mine were like - I could have done with a lot more coffee flavor. Too bad about the pignoli cookies too! They sounded good and pine nuts are too expensive to use in a bad cookie!

    Michelle, considering how many people eat so much sugar, you might be right.

    Blessed Mama, sometimes celery is just what you need!

    Vegan Flower, thanks. I hope so too.

    Carissa, I did! Good luck.

  11. no telling what kind of white stuff you probably just influenced someone right on the verge to go take. your veggie plate is very, very pretty.

  12. Haha, Jenny, are you talking about making someone buy powdered laundry detergent instead of liquid?


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