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Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Very Vegan Day

I guess all days around here are vegan, but today was especially so. I had to pick up groceries for the dinner party tomorrow so I had a quick breakfast of a banana with almond butter and a few raisins because I wanted to get to Trader Joe's early before work (they get pretty crowded on the weekends).

I also didn't pack a lunch (crazy, I know!) so on the second round of groceries (Whole Foods on lunch break) I picked up some ready-made "Macro Sushi."

I've gotten this stuff a few times before - it's not made at WF, but by a company in Sunnyside (NY) and I really like it. It always tastes fresh, everything they make is vegetarian, it's really filling and not too much money (no more than $4.50, depending where you go). Plus, 6 big rolls are only 280 calories, 4% fat and have all the Vitamin A you need for the day, plus a lot of iron and Vitamin C. If you see them in a store near you, I recommend them. I think the company is just called Macro Vegetarian. Anyway, the filling in these is kale, daikon, carrot, tofu, and rice.
I ate these in Union Square park and since it was such a beautiful day, Sabra was there giving out free samples! They gave me two bags of Stacy's pita chips and two sample hummuses. Hummi? One went to G, and the other was a pre-dinner snack. It was a very decent size! What's your favorite brand of hummus?

Then, coming back from lunch, I saw a guy in the store wearing an Oi Polloi t-shirt! For those of you who DIDN'T spend your teenaged youth in combat boots scowling and pogo-ing (if you exist at all), they're an anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-homophobic punk/oi band who also support environmental groups, notably Earth First (the logo of which I have an alluded-to tattoo of). Basically, they are awesome. Anyway, the guy's t-shirt said "Go Vegan" on the back, which was exciting enough. Then he turned around and the front said "Oi Polloi"! Another girl at work was wearing a Siouxsie shirt that also made me happy, but that's another story.
And dinner:

Collard wraps! You guys are going to be seeing these a lot because the bunch of collards I bought is the biggest damn thing I've ever seen. These are filled with red pepper, tomato, cucumber, carrot, hummus and tofu - because I feel like I don't eat enough protein. Not veganism's fault but mine. These were delicious, if really hard to keep together. I made a very tasty mess. Oi Polloi would approve!

(the lyrics to this song, if you can hear them, are a vegan recipe!) Riot on.


  1. whats pogo-ing? you are so lucky, free hummus!!or hummi:) that was cute:)ttysoon!

  2. Yay! Do you have the Soy Not Oi zine? It has some pretty fun recipes :)

  3. You don't give a damn about my favorite brand of hummus! Don't even go there!

    Michelle1 -- Pogoing is what Koo Stark was doing whilst trying to seduce Prince Andrew! Duh!

  4. Yes, I definitely think the plural of hummus should be hummi. Score on the free snacks!

  5. Michelle, pogoing is a punk "dance" - basically jumping up and down in place.

    Leslie, I don't! I didn't realize it was still in print! I should go find a copy now!

    Shen, you're right. I don't care. But I tried.

    Rose, I was stuffed from lunch but who am I to turn down free samples?!

  6. Yay for free food, and if I wasn't quite awake yet this morning, I am now after listening to that song. :)

  7. That's all I can ask, Jenny! Hope it didn't wake yr little ones up :)


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