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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Raw Week, Day 3

Goot evenink. I bought 2 exercise DVDs from work (Element Power Yoga and Denise Austin's Shrink Your Fat Zones Pilates - I know! Leave me alone!) that I want to watch and not actually do, so let's get down to business.
Breakfast was really delicious and fresh:

Fruit salad of a banana, kiwi, 1/2 a mango and some goji berries, topped with lemon juice, a little raw agave syrup AND powdered ginger, which was an amazing addition. Really freakin good. The mango wasn't quite ripe but it was fine with everything else. The one problem I have with lighter breakfasts like this is that after I take a vitamin, I get really sick. I got queasy and lightheaded on the train to work (NOT where you want to get sick.) Does anyone else notice anything like this? Luckily, it wears off pretty quickly.
I got hungry around 11 and ate an Amazing Grass bar. No, not that amazing grass, all ye 4/20 revelers. The kind that made me NOT be hungry anymore.
Lunch was more of the raw no-tuna topped with carrots, romaine, arugula, and tomato.

This filled me up pretty well, but that didn't stop me from eating a ton more figs on and off until I got home (with best intentions to exercise, really!).
For dinner, I'm finishing off Sarah Kramer's raw slaw, doctored up, and a salad of arugula, cucumber, raw leek, and tomato topped with nooch, balsamic vinegar, and cayenne pepper.

If yr gonna do the raw slaw, let me tell you - this version was way better than the original. I added about 1/4 tsp salt, 1 tsp curry powder, and maybe 1 TBs tahini. It was a nice combination of sweet (carrot, raisins, apple, sweet potato), salty, creamy (tahini), crunch, AND spice. Raw's got it all.
Now I'm gonna try to do some pilates. On this very full, happy stomach.
Tomorrow begins the liquid half of this detox! I'm excited and a little nervous. What liquids would you consider acceptable on a liquid detox?


  1. Is thinly sliced sweet potato good raw? I think I want to make your raw slaw...

  2. Good luck with the exercize CDs...I think with something like pilates, where you kind of learn/see how they do it, it would be good, but the times I've tried CDs for exercise, I find they get pretty boring after you've gone through them a couple of times.

    I like your version of that slaw...I'm going to have to try it soon!

    Oh, and good luck with the liquids...I don't have any specific suggestions, but I'll be interested to see what you end up going for.

  3. I ordered a yoga dvd from Amazon that came in last Friday...I still haven't watched

    That raw slaw does look good! I'm making the raw no tuna tonight...I have the sunflower seeds and almonds soaking while I'm at work. I can't wait to try it. I feel blah since I've been eating so much cooked food.

    I don't know about the whole liquid thing. Do you have a juicer? Maybe you can juice?

  4. You can do green juices/ fruit juices, coconut water or water.
    I personally do a water fast every month. I'm not very fond of coconut water. A water fast gives your body a break and is very good for u. This is something that my doctor actually orders me to do monthly.
    Juice fasts are easier to do, but your digestive system is still working although not as hard as it would be if u were actually eating the fruits and vegs.
    I think it really depends on what u r looking to get out of the fast.
    Good luck!

  5. You've been flaunting that Raw Slaw for days. I've decided to forego this month's recipe and just make last months (Sassy Sandwich Bread) again to make up for it.

    Also -- why are there so many Michelles?????

  6. Aimee, I grated the sweet potato and the taste was just barely noticeable with the carrot and apple. It is good! Like carrot but a slight bit more chew. I think I want to make raw noodles with it.

    Rose, yeah, that makes sense. I'm trying to get into yoga so I think I'll use the videos to limber up and get in the mindframe...then take a class or something.

    Michelle, I think we can take slow and leisurely time getting to watching and doing the videos since yoga is so slow and leisurely, right? ;) I do have a (sort of broken) juicer. I hope to make something from it.

    New Michelle! Hey! How long do you water fast for? And do you use mineral water? I've heard tap water isn't that good for you on a fast. I'm definitely drinking the juice, and luckily I like coconut water so maybe I'll add that. Thanks!

    Shen, if by flaunting you mean talking down until you decided to just make bread, then sure. I want to see how yr bread comes out again! And don't feel bad, I boycotted her first two months recipes because they made me angry.

  7. Okay, yeah, I did mean you were talking it down. Otherwise I would've definitely made it....or not....


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