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Friday, April 8, 2011

A Gift for You and You

Apparently I didn't take any pictures at all of my food today. Nothing special, except the best salad ever for dinner - but I think that was only because I was starving when I got back from work and anything would have tasted good. It was a pretty plain salad otherwise. I really need to buy some vegetables tomorrow.
The one picture I did take is the one that counts: We put the names in (our hands) and randomly pulled: The winner of the giveaway issss....

Dianne! Congratulations! E-mail me your address and tell me what kind of baked good you want.
This worked out pretty well, actually. Most of you wanted the book but since Dianne already has it, I realized after G pulled the name that since I was offering the book anyway, why not give that away too? We did another drawing and the book goes to...

Aimee! The double-letter ladies won big tonight. Send me your address as well.
I feel badly about not being able to give everyone a gift (along with peace on earth and a constant supply of chocolate and kale) but I'll certainly be having more giveaways in the future. Thanks for playing along.


  1. congratulations you two!!! what a great giveaway Maud:) she is going to be so happy when she gets treats in the mail, you are an excellent baker!

  2. Hooray! I'm soooo excited. You made my day...I was feeling a little low.

  3. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Michelle. I hope I can live up to it!

    Aimee - I'm glad you won, and that I could help brighten your day!

  4. The double-letter ladies
    Conratulations Dianne and Aimee. I can't wait to see what baked goods Dianne gets. :)

  5. Gah! How cool to see my name in your picture! Thank you so much!!!

  6. Michelle, you're a double letter lady, too! Next time, you win.

  7. Oh really??? Michelle2 wins next time? I totally knew this thing was rigged.

  8. Is that why you didn't bother to enter, Shen, or because you hate fun?


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