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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Damn Bananas

"What a thrill -
My thumb instead of an onion."
--Sylvia Plath

Everyone who cooks has a few kitchen battle wounds we wear with pride: pulling the brownies out of the oven burn scar, chopping vegetables with too much gusto scar, psychological scars from confusing the salt with sugar in cookies... but I am the biggest, dopiest klutz sometimes. I have a scar in the middle of my palm from trying to jab an avocado pit out of the fruit with a very sharp knife (dumb, dumb! I use spoons these days) but yesterday I actually got a really bad splinter from a bunch of bananas! Is that even possible for anyone but me?? I was trying to shove them in my bag and the woody part at the top cut into my hand and now I'm freaking out about if it's possible to get some tropical disease in my bloodstream that was carried on those bananas! G says I have three days, tops. Do you guys have any klutzy food scars that you care to share? Boy-o.
I guess I'll stop wasting my precious moments blathering and show you what I ate. One of my last days on Earth and I didn't even eat anything interesting. But I did call my mom!
Breakfast was a banana with almond butter and a few raisins on the side.

Lunch was last night's salad with spicy roasted chickpeas.

I had a hard time figuring out a dressing for the salad that wouldn't be too overwhelming and clash with the spices. I ended up just putting on lemon juice and a little tahini. It was kind of dry, but still pretty tasty. The chickpeas got a little soggy in the salad, though. I realized later it would have been great to have had Kristen's curry dressing. Maybe I'll make this soon.
I snacked on a green Raw Revolution bar, a delicious pink lady apple, and two figs throughout the day, too. This is my favorite brand that I've tried:

I like their Calimyrna figs a little better, but I get these more often because they're cheaper. Fig fans, anyone?
And dinner, yes, after all that food, was more salad and chickpeas, if you can believe it. I had the chickpeas on the side and made this smaller (than lunch) salad with spinach, cucumber, broccoli, tomatoes, carrot sticks, red pepper, and arugula! I love arugula but never buy it. It's nice and peppery.

Dessert was chocolate chips, raisins, and a few goji berries. Oh and cawfee, cuz I'm gonna work on something now.
PS Hi Greg.


  1. battle wounds from a banana, you win.

  2. I cut my hand so badly when making apple muffins I had to be operated and had to go to physiotherapy for 12 weeks. FUN, I tell you, FUN!

  3. Dried Calimyrna figs are the best! Who would guess that a dried fruit could be almost juicy. I love to pull them apart like caramel. (Non-dried) figs are my favorite fruit, but I love the dried ones for the rest of the year.

  4. That is too funny about the banana battle wound...I agree with win on that one. :o) Knock on wood...I don't have many battle scars.

  5. Oh, I promise you, you will not die of a tropical disease! But, I think it's great that you called your mom - only a mom can calm fears in a time like this. I love how Greg teased you, my husband is unmerciful in times like that, too. He plays upon my fears. By the way, we do a banana snack very similar to yours over here - hmm, maybe I'll blog about it someday. :-)

  6. I would not be surprised if I got a splinter from a banana - it totally sounds like something that would happen to me. Your salads look lovely!

  7. Yess! What do I win, Michelle? A lifetime supply of band-aids?

    Clara, that sounds horrible! I'm sorry! I hope everything's okay now..yeah, when I cut myself I was afraid I hit a tendon, but I'm paranoid.

    Cadry, now you're making me want some! I've only had a fresh fig once and it wasn't so good, but I'm looking to remedy that this summer.

    Michelle, I wish you the best and safest in the kitchen!

    Blessed Mama, he's a mischievous imp. Banana snacks are so easy!

    Renae, well at least now you know you won't get a tropical disease. And thank you!

  8. Don't you go damning Bananas! I totally damn Beets!

  9. Ooh, you're right Shen - beets are rough news too. I let G do all the work on those.


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