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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

So this is Spring

It really MUST be spring when the weather's this wonky. Woke up to gray skies and snow on the ground. What else to do but continue on in denial with this tropical, colorful breakfast?

Banana/mango fruit salad
topped with an edible dusting of coconut snow and ground flax seed. With Irish Breakfast tea (I had to) overlooking our dreary yard.
Since breakfast was light, I brought a Vega bar for a snack.

And am I glad I did - work was totally insane today and I didn't get to eat lunch until 3:45! These bars are pretty good. They are about the same calorie-wise as most other (LARA or Pure) bars, high in protein, raw, and not too sweet.
Lunch - finally - was the same as yesterday, but with a photo: Green leaf lettuce topped with the apple-miso tofu and orange scented broccoli.

And by the time I got home, after getting rain/hailed on, my feet soaked, a long day, and a bit of a cold, I was done with the weather denial and made myself what I'm going to refer to as a "Polish Plate," though I have no real facts to back that up. "Deconstruced Pierogi Plate," perhaps? This is what I imagine people eat in Eastern Europe.

Roasted beets, sauerkraut, steamed red potatoes, and spinach and red onion sauteed in vegetable broth. This probably would have gone really well with a beer, but. Eh.
"In like a lion, out like a lamb"...just keep repeating it with me...


  1. Is that a big squirt of mustard in the middle of the deconstructed pierogi plate? Really cool idea.

  2. That fruit salad looks great. I'm ready for some real warmth. Guess the islands are the only place you can count on Spring/Summer anymore!

  3. Wow, you've fancied yourself up over here while I've been away. Looks great!

    May the warmth of the sun find you soon!!!

  4. Your salad looks and sounds so much better than the little rinky dink one that I had for lunch yesterday.
    I had to scroll back up and look at the "squirt of mustard" in the middle of your plate after reading Shen's comment....ha

  5. the fruit salad looks delish!! :-)

    Blessings, Debra
    Raw Vegan Diet

  6. I hope spring arrives soon, but you're eating lots of sunlight in those fruits and veggies. Love the deconstructed pierogi plate, it looks really satisfying.

  7. I imagine the eastern Europeans chasing that deconstructed pierogi plate with vodka, if not beer. Still looks good on its own, especially the roasted beets with kraut.

  8. I love your new blog layout-design! The dinner needs a fried tofu, seitan or something "meaty" to complete the Eastern European theme :-) The boiled potatoes or the sauerkraut should have some caraway seeds and it would be 100% authentic :-) I love boiled potatoes, sometimes I sprinkle them with chopped parsley and pour some melted vegan butter over them.

  9. Shen, that is definitely a big blob of mustard. I knew you wouldn't miss it. HOWEVER, the mustard almost ruined the whole meal! It is dijon from TJs and it makes my head hurt and eyes water it's so hot...and I'm not usually bothered by spicy stuff.

    Aimee, I'm loving the fruit salads for breakfast these days.

    Jenny, thanks :) I hope you've got some too.

    Michelle, it was pretty tasty. Sometimes simple salads are good but as a side, not the meal!

    Debra, thanks. It was! The coconut really puts it over the top.

    Rose, I love that imagery - sunlight and vitamins pouring out of the food. So true!

    Jessica, washing the plate down with vodka would totally waste the food since I'd probably barf it all back up! It was my first time roasting beets, though - delicious!

    Elisabeth, thank you! And I should have known to consult you on the authenticity first! Maybe I'll try it again soon. I love caraway seeds.

  10. Ugh, our weather has been really wonky, too. Last week was in the 50s, and yesterday we had a giant snow storm! Yuck. Where are you, Spring?!

    Your lunch looks super delicious!!

  11. Ha! That is funny about the dijon mustard. I had some the other day and it was like I'd eaten wasabi!

  12. Your lunch salad looks so much better than the lazy ones I throw together, and I love the simplicity of the dinner plate. An actual hot, doughy pierogi plopped in the middle would have been perfect!

  13. Jess- I'm using the weather as an excuse to hole up and eat for a few more days :)

    Shen - yeah, this too! Do you think the mustard was a bad batch or is it always like that??

    Andrea - thanks, salads like that are easy to throw together when it's all leftovers! Mmm, I sure could have gone for a pierogi as well, but opted the dough out for the best part - sides and fillings!


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