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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Snacking and Tester Tahini Sauce

Yesterday was a pretty snack-y day. I was mostly entertained by my cat, Haxan, and her reactions to the birds out the window. At one point, there were four little finches vying for feed! I need to fix that crooked feeder though.

Trust me, folks, that's as alert as she gets. Though she was chirping back at them through the window. Cute.
Anyway, I started the day off with another smoothie. This one had spinach, frozen craberries, frozen blueberries, a banana, some TJ Green Berry Powder and some ice.

Then, I went into the city for some groceries to be able to make some more tester recipes for the upcoming Urban Vegan cookbook. Here's the loot (plus a few extra things I can't not buy at an emporium like Whole Foods):

I was hungry when I got back, and had a small handful of a snack mix I threw together with the goji berries in the picture and some chocolate chips and raw cashews I had in the freezer.

Has anyone else tried goji berries, which I will henceforth only refer to as Wolfberries? I've heard a lot about them and am only now trying them. They're alright but not really anything I feel like I NEEDED to try. Well, I did need to try them because I'm obsessive, but I didn't need to buy them. Oh well. Here's to health.
Then I made the quickest tester recipe I could: Smoky Tahini Sauce. I love tahini and this was a bit different due to added spices (notably smoked paprika, which tinted it a little pinkish) and herbs. It was tasty on top of some steamed kale and chopped tomatoes and zucchini.

I also had the last of the homemade hummus (with harissa) on the side, with some chopped vegetables.

After reading for a while and cleaning and trying to write, I was a little tired and had another snack. French bread with soy yogurt and apricot jam with Irish Breakfast tea.

This reminded me of what my dad used to eat every morning for breakfast, except he ate it with ricotta cheese.
After all that damn food I wasn't really hungry for dinner, but I ate the rest of the steamed kale with more tahini sauce.

Is there any food you associate with a family member growing up?


  1. I wasn't in love with gojis at first either. Try plumping them up in warm water for a minute and adding them to oatmeal or salads. They really taste different when soaked.

  2. Your cat is too cute!
    I've never tried goji berries, but have been wanting to.
    That smoky tahini sauce sounds good!
    Toast and jelly reminds me of my dad. He used to always put jelly on my toast and then cut it up into squares for me...we would then eat our breakfast together. Yes, I was spoiled...just a little. :o)

  3. I'm drooling over steamed kale with smoky tahini sauce!!! Love the pretty kitty pic.

  4. Mmmm...what a healthy day! I'm a little jealous because I just gorged on fried tofu for lunch at a local Vietnamese buffet. Now I feel like a cow.

    As for foods and family, my dad loves to melt cheese onto tortilla chips in the microwave and top with pickled jalepenos. That's what he calls nachos. I still do that with Daiya from time to time.

  5. Wow. Kudos to you for a super intense question to the masses.

    Now my question to you, "Why do you keep that little glass of sludge next to your Smoothie? What is that about?"

  6. Oh wow, that saucey sauce looks bitchin!!!

    I always associate tomatoes with my Nana. She makes a mean toasted tomato sammich..

    Homemade white bread with fresh tomatoes from the back yard, salt and pepper, "that's IT!". SO summery, so drooling right now.


  7. FOLEY IS GOD! hahah LOVE HIM!:)

    my dad used to eat all sorts of weird stuff, like bratwurst(sp?) and funky mushrooms:)

    it looks like you live really high up, i love the birds. i didnt know that cats would/could make chirping noises, id love to see/hear that! i like your cat a lot for some reason.(other than being cute and fluffy)

  8. I just had kale with tahini. I had mixed feelings about it.

    Interesting you mention associating foods with specific people - yes, absolutely. My dad is peanut butter and maple syrup, and my grandma is pickled beets or gherkins.

  9. Alayna, it must have been your blog I saw those on, then, I couldn't remember. I'll try that, thanks!

    Michelle, that sounds really cute - the story of you and your dad :)

    VB, the paprika really added something to a basic tahini sauce.

    Bianca, I used to eat microwave "nachos" too - no fancy toppings so as to taste the chips and cheese!

    Shen, my grassy smoothie grows out of that sludge, Swamp Thing style.

    LS, that tomato sandwich sounds great! I can't wait for fresh summer tomatoes.

    Michelle, haha - funky mushrooms?? I like my cat too! She's super chill. Until she sees the birds.

    Debra, thanks. It was.

    Jessica, that's too bad - how could it have gone wrong?? I like your grandma's style!


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