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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Not all Lettuce is Created Equal

Which is not to say I don't appreciate each delicate and subtle difference between lettuce types (breeds?) - okay, well, not iceberg - but it can be hard to keep up. I generally use spinach as my "green base" when composing a dish but G and I use an Organic Girl 50/50 spinach/spring mix for our salads (my favorite is the baby red chard!). And lately, following cookbook recipes, I've been embracing green- and red-leaf lettuce.
Green leaf lettuce was a really nice base in my lunch salad today - no picture - which included leftover apple-miso tofu, orange-scented broccoli, and the last of some VERY about-to-go bean sprouts. It cut the saltiness just enough and gave a great crunch, seeing as how the bean sprouts weren't up to it.
However, Green leaf lettuce leaves give about as much support as flimsy about-to-go bean sprouts when you're looking to make a lettuce wrap for dinner.

Sorry for the dark picture. I can't keep up with the sun, even with daylight savings. That's lettuce topped with hummus, tomatoes, and marinated mushrooms (mushrooms, lemon juice, olives, and parsley)
I also had our usual salad: 50/50, beets, carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, red pepper, and broccoli topped with more of the mushroom mix, sunflower seeds!, nooch, black pepper, and balsamic vinegar.

Anyway, it was tasty but I need some collards - or at least a hearty romaine leaf. Yeahhhh now that's what I'm talking about.


  1. Salad porn! I love the Organic Girl mixes. I think my fav is arugula and spinach mix.

    Your wrap with leftovers sounds awesome, as does the humus, tomatoes, and marinated mushrooms combo. Maybe the green leaf is a little flimsy, but the tasty insides I'm sure more than made up for it. You've got me in a leafy wrap mood, and I'm for sure making some marinated mushrooms.

  2. Marinated mushrooms look delicious. Here, my green leaf lettuce is all ruffle. I would turn the wrap into a salad - but I guess there is something great about eating with your hands.

  3. Every time I come here the blog looks different. Guess the bus departed.

  4. When it comes to green salads, I usually just go with romaine... Boring, perhaps, but I love that refreshing crunch!

  5. My salads are always different! I do use spinach and the green leaf lettuce the most though. I try to do a 50/50 mix. The Organic Girl mix sounds good. I don't think I've ever seen that in any of our stores. I'll have to do a double look for it today when I go pick up a few things.

  6. I love spinach and romaine as well! I have been playing with homemade salad dressings and its so much fun.

  7. I've been on a huge salad kick lately, and all these sound awesome.

  8. Rose, I love arugula! Such a nice bite.

    Michelle, no love to iceberg! Stop feeling sorry for it!

    Jessica, I'm totally in it for eating with my hands - I wanted something to go along with my salad, and basically I ate a wrapped salad, ha!

    Shen, yes, I guess you missed the bus.

    Hannah, I'm coming to appreciate good ole romaine.

    Michelle - if you see it, I hope it's not too much. The price just got bumped up here and it's getting ridiculous just for a pre-made mix. chard!! So cute!

    Leslie, I'm just breaking into the homemade salad dressings...usually I just toss mine with balsamic and nooch.

    VB, think of all the summer salad potential!!

  9. My very favorite green is hearts of romaine. But I usually mix them, too.

  10. Jenny, I've only recently become a fan of romaine but they are pretty nice! I just like the darker stuff for more nutrition.


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