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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Eating Vegan is a Walk in the Park

Today was a good day and I'm going to say it was all because I got up and ran for the first time since maybe August. I didn't even run far, or long, or hard, but I'm glad I got moving. Before I headed out, I had two medjool dates with a bit of almond butter for some energy.
I ran, showered and had a really great smoothie.

I know they all look the same but this was spinach, 1 banana, orange juice, 1 kiwi, and some ice (Which I don't usually add, but the banana wasn't frozen this time). I'm a little weird about kiwis in that I'm always afraid I'll have some horrible hivey, throat-closing up allergic reaction, but apparently there's no basis for me thinking that. In fact, the kiwi added an amazing tartness to the smoothie, and a little crunch from the seeds.
I cleaned and had a small snack:

Celery and carrot sticks with homemade hummus mixed with harissa.
Then I went down to Park Slope and walked around the park for a while since it was a beautiful day, stopped at a bar for ONE BEER and ONE BEER ONLY go me, browsed a used bookstore, and walked most of the way home (I caught a bus the last few blocks just because it was there) - about 2.5 miles.
When I got back I had another small snack of one of the biscuits I baked yesterday night. G had wanted something not too sweet as a dessert but wanted dates in them, so I made a batch of plain whole wheat biscuits from The Joy of Vegan Baking, added some chopped dates, some unsweetened cranberries, and some lemon zest.

They're nice and pretty small, so I didn't ruin my appetite for dinner.
And, so, dinner:

Not a great photo. It's steamed kale with cherry tomatoes in garlicky tahini sauce, and an Indian-spiced potato and pea dish, sort of inspired by Hannah's Samosa Potato Salad, which I still want to make..soon. I just tossed boiled potatoes and peas with ginger powder, salt, and curry.
Vacay is coming to a close so tomorrow I hope to make something fun.
What do you like to do to exercise?


  1. Those biscuits sound perfect! And all the food looks yummy and healthy, ...another lovely-sounding day, and good job on sticking to one beer only. I'll remember you when my own will power is flailing!

    Have a great day tomorrow too! Sometimes, I get stressed on the last day of a vacation because I want to make the most of it before going back to work, but don't let that happen, just chill and enjoy whatever you get up to. :)

    I like to swim and ride my bike (not at the same time though, lol...)

  2. We drink out of small canning jars too! I just noticed it in the photo. :D

  3. I don't know if I would go running around willy nilly when there's a cobra on the loose.

  4. Ooh, samosa spiced potatoes! That's right in my ballpark. I loooove running in Prospect Park...since I've moved to Brooklyn, I like to go there, Fort Greene Park, or even just around the area because Brooklyn is so much less CROWDED than Manhattan! Ok, I'm babbling...I like running.

  5. I really liked the kiwi in my smoothies. I'm actually running by the grocery store on my way home today to get more.
    Way to go on the ONE beer.
    Way to go on the running also. That's one area where I am lacking right now...exercising. You're motivating me though, so keep talking about it. Running is one thing I've never done, but would love to.
    Those biscuits look and sound so good!
    I found this sprouting info on line...check it out when you have time.
    It always stinks when vacation comes to an end. Sounds like you've had a good one though! :o)

  6. That sounds like a great day on vacation. I need to take myself out to a bookstore and just one beer.

    I dislike exercise, I guess that means I have't found the right thing to do yet. Since it's still cold here, I usually spend time on the elliptical and watch tv. When it's nicer, I jog. I would not call myself a runner.

  7. Wow, what an invigorating day! Lots of good chow, too. I go to the gym almost every morning for at least an hour. I'm home before the hubby leaves for work. Yay for us!

  8. Rose, thanks :) The one beer was absolutely delicious. Oh, and I love drinking out of jars! (Especially since I break cups like crazy anyway - it gets too expensive otherwise!) Actually, there's a bar around here that serves beer IN mason jars!

    Shen, I was going to make a Beavis and Butthead comment but held off. Because I'm a grownup.

    Dianne, yeah, I wouldn't have been able to get into running if I lived in the city. Fort Greene park is closer to me than Prospect Park but it has more hills!

    Michelle, I will certainly try to keep talking about it - as long as I can keep up doing it! Thanks a lot for the sprouting info - that's just what I need. Real simple step by step stuff.

    Jessica, yeah, the weather hasn't been great so I needed to take advantage of the day with a beer :) I'm still looking for the right kind of exercise too - I wish I had an elliptical!

    Blessed Mama, good for you! I realized exercise actually doesn't take that much time out of the day if I get up early enough, so I'll try to keep at it.


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