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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Vegetables and Fruit (yes I'm a vegan)

I am so full of vegetables!

Salad (the weekly usual: beets, greens, carrots, broccoli, tomato, cucumber, bell pepper) with nooch, balsamic, and black pepper.

And Romaine wraps with Dynise's Smoky Zucchini dip (awesome!), bell pepper strips, tomatoes and mushrooms.

I felt seriously energized after this and full but not stuffed.
The Zucchini-bean dip was really tasty. It was like a very subtle hummus. It called for sumac, a Middle Eastern spice that adds a lemon-y flavor to things. I have a LOT of it leftover now though: any ideas on how to use it?
The romaine wraps were otherwise alright; not as good as collard wraps but romaine pre-washed and pre-cut (I got a bag from Trader Joe's) is cheaper and quicker than collards - though I won't say easier because they are so crisp they snap open and the fillings fall out! Boo.
Dessert was a few slices of delicious, juicy pineapple, the remainder of which I might get wild and crazy with and throw into a smoothie tomorrow for breakfast.


  1. You are so funny. Great title, yes I am vegan :)

    "the remainder of which I might get wild and crazy with and throw into a smoothie tomorrow for breakfast." hehe

    I love how much veggies and fruits you had! I know how you feel though about not being totally full. I am not big on salad at all. I am very particular about it. I LOVE veggies but I also love beans, and tortillas, and that's a very Mexican thing of me to say :) My Mexicaness is shinning out! Ahhh!

    Have a great day :)

  2. Awesome veggie day!
    The Zucchini-bean dip sounds good!
    I need to make some wraps like that. I've only done it once, and I don't really remember what I thought about it. So collard is better than Romaine? I will keep that in mind for my future wraps! :o)

  3. i dont have any ideas for leftovers if you dont like to eat a lot of be eating it by the spoonful:) you could freeze it, that what ill do with beans/hummus type stuff. love your title! so you felt energized by what you ate? i think i eat to much to feel energized...lololol

  4. The zucchini spread sounds really good...I've never used sumac, but I think people put it over cucumber salad or something. All your veggie meals look vibrant and tasty!

  5. Sumac can be used anyplace where you want a lemon flavor without the acid that comes with lemon juice. I love it on veggie dishes, cooked or raw, but it is very versatile.

    Funny title BTW, imagine a vegan eating vegetables. LOL


  6. I'm going to try the nooch-balsamic-pepper idea for a salad dressing. Sounds great. Overall this sounded perfect!

  7. nice to know about sumac. i always make a mess with lettuce wraps. i'm sure my husband is repulsed by me sometimes.

  8. Michelle - I often eat too much and feel sluggish too but this was the perfect amount for one meal!
    Rose, thanks for the suggestion - I certainly have a lot of cucumbers around too.
    Ali, thanks for the tip too. I have a lot of it, if you want any!
    VB, that's my usual salad topping - I hope you like it as much as I do - it has bite.
    Jenny, guys seems to make less of a mess with finger foods just because they shove it all in at one go! It's definitely hard to keep tomatoes contained.


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