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Friday, February 18, 2011

Tonight, for you, from Greg

Last night I meant to cook a lot but I drank far too much with a friend, came home and slept in my clothes.
Lunch was good (home made coleslaw over spinach with sprouts and tomatoes) but unphotographed due to being the stumbling dead this morning.
I made a test recipe tonight and it bombed. My polenta fries turned into an over-rosemaryed corn crepe.
Ate muhammara by the spoonful and too many dried apricots instead.
I just want to read tonight but since Greg is so wonderful, he brings you this:


  1. lol im watching it without sound..ill come back when my player is not acting up.

    i dont have a good excuse for sleeping in my clothes.

  2. Cool! Gives a new meaning to musical fruits!

  3. Poor Greg has to take over the blog while you're all hungover, huh? If he needs YouTube suggestions, let me know.

  4. Haha, thanks for humoring me on a headachey day guys.
    Rose, I didn't even think about that! That's funny.


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