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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Greens to Greens (Chocolate in Between)

This is the last day of my vacation...whoa oh oh

Haha, yeah. It was sort of a bust today but at least I got the laundry done. I tried to start the last day out strong with a green smoothie and some Irish Breakfast tea:

We were out of rice milk, but this smoothie had spinach, a frozen banana, some water to blend, a few frozen blueberries and an Amazing Grass berry blend. Talk about antioxidants! It was a little weird, though - the berry flavor was a bit off and tasted sort of fake, which is bizarre because it's completely natural. Anyway, I might stick to the plain Amazing Grass powder, but I definitely want to start drinking more green smoothies in general.
Then I was running around, back and forth to my parents', and to Trader Joe's for groceries (it turned out G went too - we will never run out of rice milk again!). I managed to snag a roll from the folks' to put on :zucchini, green peppers, arugula, lettuce, and a spread of tahini and sriracha (it was amazing) - AND I found some vegan chocolate truffles I made my mom for her birthday last year! You snooze, you lose, mommy!
Blah blah blah, I did some junk and somehow it was dinner time. More romaine wraps, which didn't really hold together well with so much stuff crammed into them but included an interesting new addition.

It's not a great photo but those chunks on top that look like pineapple are actually parsnip. I got the idea from Gena, who made a cheesy parsnip spread. I only had one parsnip, so I scaled down the recipe significantly and didn't puree anything because I didn't want to dirty the food processor for one measly parsnip. Instead, I just worked with the flavors of miso, nooch, and parsnip. Interesting stuff. I'd still like to make the spread sometime when I can though. Other innards included cucumber, carrot, mushrooms, sprouts, spinach, and tomato. Badass. Back to work.


  1. so raw parsnip is good?

    i like that, you both bought rice milk:) when i lived closer to my parents and when i see them on vacations i often snag/steal/lift/forage through there stuff:)

    you did see that i got your mags right?i was reading one while snuggling a big fat pig last night:)

  2. Wow, a parsnip in wraps? Will I never stop being shocked? What a light dinner, but it sounds like you were full. Enjoy the weekend before work!

  3. I am totally hooked on green smoothies made with kale right now. You never know what's going to end up in my smoothies....ha I haven't tried the berry Amazing Grass. Sounds like I may just stick with the chocolate. :o)

    Don't tell anyone, but I still haven't tried parsnips. You know, I did think that was pineapple on your wrap. I'm putting parsnips on the grocery list right now!

  4. I bet parsnips would be great with that combo of miso and nut yeast. I've never eaten them raw, but is yours cooked?

    ...last day of vacation: my condolences.

  5. Michelle, sorry for the confusion - these were actually cooked parsnips (I boiled them until tender). I've had raw parsnip before but it made my throat itch, but maybe I was doing it wrong - I've heard of recipes with raw parsnip; it just has to be shredded really finely. I did see you got the zines - I'm glad! I hope you enjoy them.

    Blessed Mama, rest assured I was very full by the end of the day, haha. The parsnips were an interesting addition but I want to make the full recipe the real way next.

    Michelle2, for all I tried to sell you on kale, I've never tried it in a smoothie! Maybe the next time. That's the best part about them though - you can always throw something new and different in them. And oooh, parsnips are another one of my favorite vegetables. They have a very...dusky but sweet flavor, with a bit of a bite.

    Rose, the combination was pretty good! I recently saw a mac&cheese recipe with parsnips in the cheese sauce, so I guess it makes sense! The parsnips were actually boiled - sorry if the post was confusing.

  6. Let me know when you're planting your victory garden. Then we'll talk parsnips.

  7. Shen, I have no idea what you're talking about. Parsnips are always delicious.

  8. Ha! I only know parsnips from that old show on HGTV. Sorry for the obscure reference.


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