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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cookbook Club 2.2: Smoky Split Pea Soup PLUS

(Plus what?)
PLUS the continuation of the other day's Mystery Post.
Today was cold. Very, very cold. I convinced my friend to come over and cook soup (yes, more soup) with me. To kill two birds with one stone, I picked another recipe from Appetite for Reduction for the Cookbook Club, the Smoky Split Pea Soup.

Split Pea Soup is delicious. But this is not what I'm used to. The recipe called for "split peas," not taking into account the fact that there are both green and yellow split peas. I picked green. Despite my pre-soaking these peas for over an hour, which the recipe never even called for, they were mos def not cooked by the end of the cooking time. Bummer. I mean, it was edible and tasty - paprika is the smoked flavor here, which I love - but not what I expected. I'm not even positive if pureeing would improve the crunchyish texture.
If you try this recipe, I would DEFINITLEY pre-soak green peas at least 3 hours ahead, or use yellow but I feel like that's not what's usually done. Luckily, I bought peas in bulk and will be fixing this a bit...many times. I do love split pea soup.
AND for the continuation of the mystery post and for more green things, you'll have to head over to Ainslie's Everyone is Vegan. Lemme know what you think.


  1. The pea soup sounds and looks perfect for a cold day...I can tell it's tasty just by looking at it...bummer about the cooking time.

    Heading over now for the rest of the mystery post.

  2. well the base of the soup looks super creamy,any hints as to what makes it look almost cheesy? lol.

    i dont know if yellow cooks up quicker..hmm. i hate when i follow a recipe then it doesnt work!! i made the brownies from Shens blog and they didnt turn out...ive already complained to her about this a few times... i guess im pretty now YOU can hear about it too!

  3. First off, I think you mean 'kill two HUMANS with one boulder'.

    Second, I've never had to soak my split peas.

    Third, I never would've guessed that was Colcannon.

    Fourth, I wish my name was 'Ainsley '.

    Fifth, if Michelle1 would just follow the recipe the way it is written instead of haphazardly adding/subtracting ingredients, the brownies would probably work out for her.

  4. Mmmmmmm this soup looks sooooo warming! Perfect for our -20 degrees C day we're having!


  5. I had a similar experience with split yellow peas even AFTER I soaked them for 12 hours! This was for a slow cooker recipe, and I cooked them twice as long as the recipe called for, and they never got tender enough for me. I've been scared of split peas ever since. But the soup sounds good!

  6. Great guest post you did over at Ainslie's. I've never heard of Colcannon, but it sure sounded and looked good. I'll have to make it around my b-day which is....St Patties day. :o)

    Your split pea soup looks good and that's a cool looking bowl that the soup is in! I'm not a big fan of split peas though. One time I rushed lentils when making a soup, and they were on the crunchy side like your split peas....bleh!

  7. Rose, it was still pretty tasty! I'll settle for peas.

    Michelle, hmmm..cheesy? Maybe the carrots were so overcooked that they blended in? Or it could just be the coloring from the camera. I don't know! The paprika sure turned it bright orangey anyway!

    Shen, you are so right! That's funny, I didn't even think twice about saying it. Isn't Ainslie a cool name, though?? Since no one really knows yours, you could pretend it was.

    VeggieBurgher, that's really bizarre. I wonder why some soften and some don't!

    Michelle, that's my cousin's birthday too! You should make it - it's tasty stuff. Thanks about the bowl too, I love them; my sister bought them for me for Christmas.

  8. i once lived on split pea soup and baguette for a year in new orleans:-)
    looks great. i need to make this soon!

  9. I was going to make this with some split peas that I've had in my pantry for a few months and never used... now I'm rethinking that. Make falafel instead. hrm.

  10. that's funny - i just read your reply to Shen's comment, and that's what i was going to say, that she could just pretend that's what it is.

    fun guest post!

    btw, who is the picture of on the left of your blog (not the old lady)?

  11. Jessica, it might have been something I did - who knows! But they do always say, make something for guests you've made before...I guess there's a reason for that.

    Jenny, that's me too - it's an old old photo from when the curls got to be to much to handle! Man, turns out photos of me are rampant!


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