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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cookbook Club 1.4: Udon with Shiitake and Kale in Miso Broth

I like to pronounce "recipe" "reh-CHEE-pay" in my head. Ooh! I also like the french word for crackers - "craquelins!" Even the word looks crunchy. But this has nothing to do with craquelins. I had plans to make some tonight but I'm tired for now. Tomorrow: crackers; tonight: Udon with Shiitake Mushrooms and Kale in Miso Broth from Veganomicon.

I was pretty starving when I got home, so I got quickly to work and, as the recipe promised, was eating within 40 minutes. I followed the recipe pretty much exactly and was really pleased. I halved the recipe (to serve two), and there was still enough for another bowl - which I ate. It had to be done.
I love kale in soups because of its chewy texture and the texture of the shiitakes was also chewy but fun and kind of slimy like the udon was (neither of which I've had before!) It made it hard to eat, but fun to slurp. I would definitely make this recipe again. It was simple and really filling (I didn't need that other bowl but this doesn't seem like a soup that would keep) with minimal fat that could probably be left out completely. It was a little salty, but I added extra water and it was fine - plus it made more broth, which was delicious with little bites of ginger.
Highly suggested! Do it! I'm going to try to make one more V'con recipe soon, and for those of you following the cookbook club, I'll write the review next week.


  1. Fun to slurp...ok, I'm sold! Sounds good to me. Actually this sounds like an awesome combo. I have V-con, rarely use...I'll be consulting this recipe soon though...I think I've only cooked with udon once or twice before, which is just not right.

    I love your word likes...I think you'll have me thinking reh-CHEE-pay too! Craquelins is an awesome one...I love the word elegant.

  2. Why have I not made this before? Oh...Now I know, because I don't have any miso....dang it! This looks and sounds sooo good! Actually, I've never tried miso. Our local grocery stores don't carry it, and I didn't even think about looking for it when we went to Whole Foods Monday. :(
    I'm with Rose...I love your words! :o)

  3. It is such a great idea to actually use your cookbooks. I need to do that sometime too. ;-) This soups sounds good; too bad it was salty but I find that most recipes are. Thankfully you were able to fix it easily.


  4. Ok, this sounds like everything I love most all in one bowl. I'm looking up this recipe right away! It's not too late to change dinner plans. ;)

  5. I pronounce it 'Ree-Sype'. I also call trousers 'pantaloons'.

  6. Rose, yeah this was my first time with udon but certainly not the last. Also, aubergine is great! Zucchini in French is courgette, which is also used here (fancily) occasionally and that sounds beautiful as well.
    Michelle, you should definitely invest in some miso. You never need much, but it keeps for a long time and it's pretty versatile, even not in soups - I've seen a tofu cheese recipe that uses miso to deepen the flavor.
    Ali, I never use my cookbooks as much as I should. I'm glad this challenge is forcing me to!
    Hannah, it's definitely not too late considering how quickly you can make this soup!
    Shen! Pantalooooons! I love it.

  7. I have this recipe flagged to make too. I'll move it up in priority since you gave it such good reviews!


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