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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Back to Baking, another Tester Recipe

I feel as though I haven't baked in a million years! Those sweet potato drop biscuits don't count because they were so easy.
When I was borrowing my parents' house to do errands the other day, I ran into my sister's flour stash. She bakes a lot of bread, or did, when she was living here with our folks. When she went back to school for the semester, she left behind a pantry full of goodies! All sorts of flours, dried nuts and seeds, and some other weird things. She told me to have at it, and my parents certainly won't be using it so I nabbed bran, Rye flour, and garbanzo bean flour. I might go back for the caraway seeds I saw, but I have enough for now...
Anyway, I think that set me off, and I decided to make bran muffins with raisins to bring in to work. I used the recipe from The Joy of Vegan Baking, by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, which has almost never let me down. I followed the recipe almost exactly, but left out a little sugar and subbed in some apple sauce for oil.

They came out well, if I do say so myself! I had one for breakfast today with an apple. People at work seemed to like them a lot as well. I used to bake a lot for work, and haven't so much lately but I'd like to keep it up. People seem to appreciate it and it's good to stay in practice and indulge my hobby without indulging in all the calories. So, yah, that was fun. I want to make rye bread soon too! But uhhh any ideas on how to work with the chickpea flour?
So that was that, I had salad for lunch, came home starving and got to work preparing Zucchini "Linguine" with Lemony Spinach Pesto, a raw pasta dish! This was a tester for Dynise's upcoming cookbook and it was another winner. The "noodles" were prepared this morning as I rushed around before work (another good reason to have healthy baked goods and fruit on hand). I don't have a spiralizer (yet!) but I shredded a zucchini on my grater and julienned 'em. The pesto was super surprisingly fresh and a nice change from the usual basil pesto. The nut base was almonds, which made the pesto a bit sweet and contrasted nicely with the lemon.

With a side of baby carrots.
Anyone have any favorite raw dishes you want to share?
Dates and baking chocolate for dessert.


  1. "I might go back for the ________ "

    hahah that really mde me laugh out loud Maud:) i like to use a.sauce instead of oil also, it erks me to use so much high calorie ingredients. i think Alicia has done some stuff with garbanzo bean flour and maybe Melody at Melomeals has? you can enter it in their search bar. i bought some soy flour and buckwheat four (on sale) so im in the same boat as you:)! AND i want a spiralizer pretty badly:)

  2. Your bran muffins look so yummy; it's been years since I had one! I think I"ll have to make some soon, as I have that cookbook. Sounds like a great baking windfall at your parent's place!

    Yeah, I recommend Melomeals blog for chick pea flour; she makes a flatbread for pizza and wraps with it. It's also good for making bhajis, but those are not so healthy because they're deep-fried. I also made a cumin-scented cake with chickpea flour once, called karentika. My husband liked it but I thought is was bland and rubbery.

    My fav raw recipes so far (I haven't tried loads) are raw walnut taco filling and lemon-pinenut 'cheeze'.

  3. Those bran muffins look great. I used to make bran muffins a lot, but haven't in a long time.
    I have got to find some chickpea flour. I have tons of recipes that call for it.
    The Linguine looks so good!

  4. Oh your lunch looks delicious! I haven't ventured into raw territory yet, but maybe that will be the next step if you know of any easy recipes to suggest. Also, I hope you blog about the chickpea flour when you use it. I saw some at WF the other day and had absolutely no idea what I would make with it...ha.

  5. I love using zucchini as noodles! I love making raw desserts!

  6. There is a great recipe for socca over at everyone is vegan. I like it with some daiya and green onion, kinda like a little pizza. It's super easy and delish.

  7. I have a bag of Chickpea Flour from when I planned to make Chickpea Flour Crepes. Instead you can make them and I'll live vicariously through you! Deal?!

    A Marble Rye Bread?! Bring it!

  8. Thanks, Michelle - I'll check out Melomeals.

    Rose, I love that cookbook - it's one of my few that get used regularly! I'll have to find a walnut taco filling recipe, thanks, that sounds great!

    Michelle, I don't know that I ever even used to eat bran muffins much but I definitely want to start now.

    Eve, this one was definitely an easy raw meal. (The pasta not the muffin!) I've also made a beet/sunflower seed raw burger that was easy...just a lot of food processor blending. Collard and romaine wraps are easy too..check out if yr interested; Gena's a genious! And I will hopefully have some chickpea flour recipes soon too!

    Carissa, aren't noodles so easy? I love it. Raw desserts are AWESOME I'm always just a little scared of the (healthy) fat content...but that won't really stop me.

    ZenDot, thanks - I'm going to try her socca!

    Shen, Marble Rye bread sounds GENIUS. I'm so in.


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