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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Working with Leftovers

There was one more small head of bok choy to use up in the fridge after V'con recipe, so I healthified it a little and made a modified version of the meal.
I steamed the bok choy, topped it with chopped ginger, low sodium soy sauce, sesame seeds (they add a lot more than I thought they would!), scallions, and red pepper flakes.
On the side, miso soup with tofu and more scallions and red pepper flakes to keep with the Asian theme.

No oil, more flavor, and actually more filling than the original meal. Yum yum.
Green tea and a small bar of dark chocolate for dessert - to up the antioxidants.


  1. Good job! Sometimes our own recipes we come up with are better :) I've been wanting bok choy but the ones I've seen here always look wilted.

  2. Well, I've had to catch up on a bunch of your posts because I've fallen behind. And, what do I find? That these children online are using me as a punchline! What's a Mama do do? :-)

  3. Ruh Roh! You do not want to piss off Blessed Mama!

  4. That bok choy sounds so simple a delish, I want it! Sesame seeds are a must for me with asian-inspired flavours like this.

  5. That miso soup looks so good!

  6. Everything looks great and I love the new word "healthified". ;-)


  7. Thanks everyone, and Blessed Mama you aren't a punchline! It was a genuine compliment! Ruh roh is right.


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