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Monday, January 31, 2011

I Hate My Camera

Dinner was beautiful and colorful and tasty but you wouldn't know it from the photos. My camera refuses to focus.
Almost the whole meal was another test for Dynise - Island Tempeh marinaded in a pineapple base! and her Gentrified Coleslaw. We also had rice on the side, topped with the tempeh marinade. Coleslaw over spinach because I love spinach.

The tempeh was beachy and but the coleslaw was amazing. It includes fennel and raddichio, both of which I resolve to start eating more often because they are badass! I included them in last night's dinner, a salad - spinach, carrot, raddichio, fennel, cucumber, silken tofu, and tapenade. They give a really nice bitter bite and contrast.

Also, here's the coleslaw for lunch with natural light and therefore a clear picture. Served with a chipotle Field Roast sausage.

I'm going to work on the camera. Or Greg will for me.


  1. You used an actual camera for those photos? Ha!(Just kidding) (Greg for the love of all that is good please fix the camera!!!!)

  2. That coleslaw looks awesome! I haven't tried fennel's still on my "to try list". :o)

  3. Beachy is a new adjective for me in terms of food...I wonder what is beachy tempeh like?

    Good luck with the camera...I had the hardest time trying to figure out how to take close up shots, but it seems to work if I change the setting to macro. Also, still haven't figured out how to set the date/time.

    That slaw does look crisp and delicious.

  4. spinach is good:) our mothers should be so proud of us:)

  5. Shen, he's a genius. I however still have trembly hands.
    Michelle, fennel will change your life! It's super fun to work with, I just want to try it in so many different ways.
    Rose, let's hope it doesn't mean the tempeh was sandy! It was just sweet and light tasting.
    Michelle also, spinach FTW.

  6. man, you're becoming more vegetable-y by the day!


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