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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Here She Is

Leftover chili with a side of spinach for lunch.

And an old picture from the dinner party of that Lemon-Earl Grey tea cake, iced and sliced.

photo credit, GDF, esq.

Unpictured, all the chocolate I ate today to get rid of it for the new year. Oyyy.


  1. HAHAHA iced and sliced i love that! that was a really nice bowl (earthenware?) that you put the chili in, made it very appealing.

  2. I was gonna say that looks like a GDF, esq. photo. You can recognize the style a mile away.

  3. Hey, I made brownies last night to "get rid of them" so I can start my New Year's resolutions!

  4. Thanks, Michelle - my sister actually just gave me the bowls for Christmas and I love them.
    Shen, you have such a refined eye!
    And Jenny, at least you have little ones to help you eat them! Guhh


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