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Friday, January 14, 2011

Hay is for Horses but Oats are for Me

I love oatmeal in the mornings. It's so versatile, though that's kind of moot since I eat it pretty much the same way every time.

Oats, banana, almond butter, dried fruit: raisins or cranberries of late. Maybe it'll get more exciting some other time.

Then for dinner, another test recipe for Dynise. This one was so delicious! There are quite a few steps to the recipe, but I think it is great and was totally worth it. This is Harvest Crumble with figs, squash, and onion. Also included is celeriac, which I have never used nor probably eaten, but it's very good. I also LOVE figs, so this was a real winner. The crumble on top also includes the ubiquitous oatmeal.

I served it with a fresh, beety side salad, which has been missing lately, what with all the fancy. Sorry about the crappy photo.

Oatmeal has even subconsciously worked its taste into some baked goods I made for work: they were FAIL scones but tasty "breakfast cakes." No oatmeal in those, just raisins, walnuts, spices, and the usual, but a friend kept insisting they tasted like oatmeal. Then he ate three of them, oatmeal or no.

The downside to all these great eats so far this month? I just calculated I've spent $207.66 already this month! And that's sobering in the face of this news I found on Rick's site. Sad. I'm hoping to start volunteering with some food organization soon, either with distributing food stamps or working at a food pantry or helping poorer neighborhoods learn about health. It's a long-term goal and something that I don't think about often but is a real, serious problem even in the U.S. Not to be a Debbie Downer. I'm grateful to be able to live and eat how I do; I have to remember to more often "eat to live" and not "live to eat."
Also, I'm sorry if I haven't been commenting much lately - I still and always have a bunch of things I want to get done but I'm reading! Keep up the good work - or take a break if you want so I won't have so much to catch up with!


  1. how do i see ricks blog?

    when i used to work with horses they had a food called sweetfeed, it was oats and molasses and some other stuff, it used to smell soooo good!the only reason i try to keep liking oats is because horses seem to like them so much.:)

    figs squash and onion? brave! it looks pretty!

  2. You should just be able to click on his name and it'll link. That particular post was from Jan 6, so scroll down. He's got some crazy informative stuff.
    You and your animals! I love horses and used to ride a lot - I wish I still did. OMG I just remembered I used to be obsessed with horses to the point that I tried to sleep standing up like they do - and I woke up the next morning in a collapsed heap on the floor! Maybe I love oats so much because I'm still pretending I'm a horse!

  3. You're pretending you're a horse? Fun! I want to play too.

    That Harvest Crumble is a great combo! I love how you use oatmeal in so many ways....probably because you're a pretend horse? :D (Sorry bad joke.)

    Thanks for the link to Rick's site.

  4. Rose - we can gallop around with our hair flowing free and eat all the carrots and Michelle's oat/molasses goop all we want!
    Rick's site certainly has a ton of info. It's a lot to read sometimes, but interesting, important stuff.

  5. I've got that fig recipe printed out but haven't gotten around to making it yet. I love celeriac, except for peeling it!

  6. Andrea: both chopping the squash open and peeling the celeriac were both seriously scary experiences.

  7. My favorite topping for oatmeal is finely chopped (raw) apples. And some chopped nuts. I guess I like a little crunch to my oatmeal.


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