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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


More of that soup, finally fresh salad; the usual. Tasty but not such pretty pictures.
The only thing interesting of late is the granola I made last night. I've really been wanting to make some lately and also wanted to use up some of the random nuts and dried fruits I have around from other baking and cooking endeavors of late.


Obviously there are seven million granola recipes out there. This one I wanted to keep simple and warmly flavored.
Oatmeal, pistachios and cranberries spiced with ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg + oil, honey (I'm sorry!), and applesauce.
Baked at 300* for about 45 minutes, mixed every 15 minutes.
This morning I had it on top of a chopped apple with some almond milk. That amazing cinnamon-vanilla tea on the side. I hope I'm not hyping it too much for those of you who do go look for it.

Lunch was a salad, a snack of a clementine, and a Naked Green Superfood drink. I had dinner at my parents' house because I needed to drop something off and ate a roasted sweet potato and red cabbage with some oil dressing. It was good but I was still a little hungry and came home and ate a hummus/cucumber/lettuce sandwich.
Keeping tabs on the New Years' goals: I'm doing alright with the sugar, I think. Obviously the granola had honey in it, and I did have a bite of a candy cane at my parents' house, but just a small piece. Overall I think I'm eating better, smiling a little more (?), keeping track of my money at least, I've been doing a small, small about of exercise and I'm still drinking. Eh.


  1. I bought some of the tea today. There were only a few boxes left, like it had been wiped out. Hope it wasn't a Xmastime only thing.

    Dried cranberries rule!

  2. I love granola! That reminds me...I haven't made any in a very long time. I agree with Shen...dried cranberries do rule!

    Don't feel bad about the honey. A spoonful found its way into my smoothie this morning (yikes).


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