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Monday, January 3, 2011

Final Destination: Dinner

I am so bad at not buying unnecessary food. And so bad at not going to Trader Joe's when I really only needed to get cat food a few blocks from there.
I fueled up for errands with leftovers:

Quinoa and kale, both with a little bit of hot sauce on them. Not really a fan of Frank's Red Hot, but I need to use it up.
Here's the haul, not including cat food:

Vanilla-Cinnamon tea (this flavor is delicious), yeast, salsa, chickpeas, blueberry jam, jarred roasted peppers, LARAbars, 2 organic apples, 2 red peppers, dried cranberries, raisins, bagged lettuce, 2 bags cut cauliflower, walnut pieces, sweet potato soup, tortilla chips, whole wheat bread. That black blur to the side would be my cat Haxan, mid-jump to investigate. This came to 45.57, and I was on the verge many a time of buying more. It took a lot of willpower to put-the-chocolate-back-on-the-shelf. Luckily I can only buy as much as I feel like hauling on public transportation also carrying about 15 lbs. of canned cat food. So that's good?
And here's the final product:

A small salad (lettuce, carrot, cucumber, tomatoes), the focaccia from yesterday, and Curried Red Pepper and Cauliflower soup.

1 TBS Earth Balance
1 onion, sliced
2 cloves garlic, minced
2 red peppers, chopped
1 lb. cauliflower, chopped (one of those TJ pre-cut bags)
5 TBS curry powder (this might be a lot but my curry is really old and might have lost some spice)
1 tsp turmeric
2 tsp red pepper flakes
dash of powdered ginger
2 tsp sea salt
2 1/2 c. vegetable broth
2 TBS almond milk

-Saute the garlic and onion in EB on a low flame until onions soften. Throw in red pepper chunks and chopped cauliflower with about 2 TBS water to speed the cooking.
-Add spices and salt, stir to coat. Cover and stir occasionally.
-When vegetables are just tender, add vegetable broth and turn up the heat. Bring to a boil, then let simmer until vegetables have mostly softened. Taste and adjust spices if necessary. Remove from heat and let sit
-Transfer a little more than 2/3 of the pot to a blender and puree. Add almond milk and blend again. Transfer back to the pot to incorporate with the chunks and heat to serve.

This soup is pretty spicy, and I wanted it so - partially so Greg could taste it through his cold. Feel free to adjust spices, obviously. The almond milk cuts the heat a bit while adding a subtle sweetness and flavor and makes the soup a little creamier. Looking at my groceries, I had no idea what I'd be making with them really but apparently peppers were really playing in my mind.

Any interesting piece of produce you're looking forward to cooking with soon? As soon as I find a rutabaga I'm going to grab it!


  1. That soup sounds good! Good job with the willpower of not buying everything on the shelves! I feel your pain with the public transportation. I have a car now, but I remember those days.

  2. I always come home from the grocery store with things that aren't on my list. Doesn't everyone? ;-)


  3. I haven't seen that tea there, thanks for the info.

    If you got a two-wheeled cart to wheel home your groceries like a little old lady you could then haul the chocolate too.

  4. That vanilla cinnamon tea sounds interesting. I'll have to search for that...sounds like something I need to try.

    I've never been a big fan of cauliflower, but that was pre vegan, so I think it's time to try it out again. This soup sounds like a good way to begin. :o)

  5. Shen - I actually saw your famous Rocky Road squares there for the first time and wanted to get them but it had algin or something in them and I didn't know what that was...also I could seriously have used one of those carts yesterday because I was also lugging a 20 lb bag of laundry through the streets!
    Michelle - I've always loved cauliflower but the flavor of the soup is much more red-pepper and curry.

  6. nice haul, absolutely no junk food(chips dont count because they dont weigh anything??) and you had to carry all that? wow...

    i havent(my husband hasnt) put my pictures on the computer yet. i cant wait to tell everyone about your mad baking skills! or the girl scouts you keep in your pantry:)

  7. I think my greatest accomplishment was not crushing the chips under everything else. I sort of count LARAbars as junkfood, but I tried my best.
    The girl scouts aren't telling if you won't. ;)

  8. lol. (girls scouts) yea i guess i count larabars as junk fook. or atleast special food:)

    thank you for your support on my blog today...the whole chicken meth i got my very first negative anon comment today!

  9. I am so bad about buying unnecessary food. You should see my pantry.


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