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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Eats and Repeats

Eat and Repeat were in a boat...
I've been sort of burned out on computers of late and am trying to work on my zine, and read (a history of the NY working class..which takes a lot of concentration), and still eat, and clean and live and stuff. A lot of the food lately has been leftovers, or scraps thrown together, or a series of snacks instead of a meal, or depressing unphotographable food. I even ate...a cookie that wasn't homemade! (It was worth it.)
But my sister is going back to school for her last semester tomorrow so I invited her over for luncheon (oooh!) today. I'll try to get some shots for you.. Til then, eat strong, live proud.

Green tea with Goji berry Yogi tea, banana bowl with granola and almond milk

TJ's Veggie Flax chips, leftover rice with black beans, salsa, and lettuce greens

An ABC Company Mac the Chip cookie! (Please excuse my foregrounded fingers.) I won Aimee's cookie giveaway and was eagerly checking the mail until this came last night. I split it into four to share with G - these things are huge! Thanks Aimee!

Homemade waffles, reheated, with raw almond butter, apricot jam, and banana slices. Goji Green tea and I had applesauce on the side, which I ate before taking the photo.



  1. luncheon, nice!you are so funny. your waffles have been going aound the bloggy ever since you posted them! they really do look great. glad you got to win a giveaway! those abc cookies are pretty good. i split one with my non-vegan dad..actually he ate most of it while i wasnt looking...hey if you take your eyes off a cookie you deserve to lose it,LOL!

    dont worry about how much you post, yes? that book you are reading sounds pretty good. i always have a serious book going at the same time as a "fluff" when i cant concentrate as much. i switch!

  2. Yay for waffles! :o) I haven't had any in so long, but now that I have a waffle maker, I have a feeling I will be making them every weekend.

    That cookie sure does look yummy!

  3. (There's a NY working class? I only care about the rich folks! Gossip Girl is on tonight!)

    I love those cookies, they're so expensive though.

  4. The mother in me automatically thought you'd made a face on the waffles with your banana slices, then I realized it was probably just a coincidence.

  5. Jenny- that is too cute! I can totally see it, but it's a sad face, haha aww. I should start actually doing that to cheer myself up at meals.


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