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Sunday, January 16, 2011


If you know me, you know I like bread. I even half-jokingly created a "smoothie sandwich" for a friend's sandwich collection (which, since he doesn't seem to be getting on, I'm using it in MY zine): 1 banana, 1/2 avocado, handful of greens - yr typical smoothie ingredients - all on two fluffy slices of delicious grain bread.
However, in trying to be more careful of what I eat calorie-wise, sugar intake-wise, etc. as well as moving towards a more raw diet, my dinner two nights ago was a typical sandwich filling without the bread. While it was delicious on its own, no, I didn't eat it right out of the bowl but rather made a raw collard wrap, as inspired by Gena most obviously, but raw-eaters everywhere. It's only now that I'm catching on to this brilliance. Especially now that with the cookbook testing and cookbook clubbing (cue flashing lights and drug intake) my salads are sadly missing, I feel like deliberately upping my greens is important.
So, dinner wasn't exactly raw, but it was vegan, soy free, breadless, and still delicious!

Crudites to begin (I was pretty hungry when I got home): carrots, celery, green pepper with tapenade and hummus

Chicken salad-inspired Chickpea mash: chickpeas, onion, green pepper, lemon juice, mustard


And plated,

Yes, those are cooked collards on the side with my collard wraps. Like I said, I'm upping my greens, haha! I was making some anyway for Greg to eat with the leftover jambalaya.
I've only had collards maybe once or twice before, and never raw, but these were good! They're lighter than a sandwich would have been, healthier, and you can't really taste the leaves' bitterness because of the filling. Plus I love rolling things up and eating them. Last night's dinner was similar in that I took cabbage leaves and rolled up the jambalaya in those. Sort of like a cabbage roll that wasn't steamed.
Now to figure out how to sub bread in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich...I have a feeling collards wouldn't work with that.


  1. Did you try Dynise's Ethiopian collards? You can't roll them up, but they're so delicious. :)

  2. I was surprised at how tame the collard wraps were the first time I tried them, too. As for your pb & j, how about spreading them on a banana? First dig out a canal down one side, and then spoon it in. We do this we pb all the time but havent' added the jelly...yet.

  3. Andrea - I didn't! I only saw that post after I made these and used up all the greens. I definitely will though.
    Blessed Mama - D'oh! (not dough) That is so smart. Thanks!

  4. i love wraps. i sometimes use nori or mandolin sliced zucchini for the "wrapper" or iceburk letuce leaves( i know i know , nutritionally devoid:))i love chickpea mash! my friend made some and i thought it was great! good for you trying to eat healthier. i feel like bread and simple carbs are an addiction, not as bad as others of course:) but still, your body feels like it "needs" them. i am seriously going to think of a sub for bread in a pb and j sandwich:)

  5. Talk about teeny tiny dabs of hummus & tapenade to have w/your veggies! Great job on portion control!

  6. Haha, thanks Shen. I usually just eat out of the container but I tried to restrain myself here. It pays off though when you realize how a little really does go a long way. It helped that the tapenade is pretty salty.

  7. I'm still a bit of a collard newbie as well... I usually chicken out and substitute mild lettuce when making wraps and such. But this does look good- Thanks for the much need push. I'll give them a fair shoot asap.

    And no, I hadn't heard of cara cara oranges before- I'm on the look out now!

  8. How funny; I've recently discovered collard wraps as well because of the same desire to eat more raw! Yum yum!

  9. I love rolling things up in green leaves - collards, kale, chard. YUM. I was going to suggest the banana sub for bread in a pb&j, but I see someone already did. I'm also wondering if a collard or other green leaf might work too...I'm totally going to try that...I was going to say for breakfast tomorrow, but I'm hungry NOW, so a little midnight snack may be in order!


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