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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Quick Post

This is pretty much the breakfast I've been eating lately:
a fruit, in this case banananana, the homemade Whole Wheat bread with Earth Balance and apricot jam, and caffeinated tea.

This is what I ate for dinner since we have a LOT of food but it's all to be saved for the dinner party tomorrow! OMGOMGOMG. Note: NYC has some pretty decent "healthy delis" that have in-house, high-turnover sushi bars. This is brown rice with spinach, cucumber, and avocado with sesame seeds. Really nice. A bowl of spinach and carrots on the side because you can't get enough vegetables. Ever.

Please excuse the mess, I'll clean it up before the parents get here.


  1. that sushi looks amazing! full of veggies! i hate it when they skimp on the veggies and use lots of rice.gime my green stuff:) good luck tomorrow!

  2. Good luck with your dinner party. I agree you can't have too many veggies ever. ;-)


  3. YUM....That sushi sure does look good! I'm with Shen on being jealous!


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