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Monday, December 20, 2010

Not a Failure!

The dinner party went well! I think all of my anxiety was burned through by the time Greg's parents arrived. It was a little awkward, but mostly the parents did their parenty thing and G and I tried to be good hosts.
The menu was:
Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Carmelized Onion and Pistachios (Vegan Table by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau)
Roasted Butternut Squash Risotto with Apple-Sage Field Roast sausage (adapted from a recipe from Isa Moskowitz I found in BUST magazine)
one of G's famous salads with a balsamic-olive oil vinaigrette

Earl Grey tea cake based on this recipe
and another stab at the Martha Stewart Chocolate-Ginger cookies.
If you can't tell, I really want to like these. I tweaked them a bit more and they were less soft and less salty, but spread less and were a little cakey. I liked them more and only Greg had had the previous incarnation so I can't tell which to run with, but I think he liked the first version better. At least I got some actual feedback - from both G's dad and mine. So that's nice. They both thought a little something was missing, but his mom enjoyed them enough.
Anyway, it all went pretty smoothly except for a few minor details - I forgot to sweep the carpet, we could have had a bit more wine, I didn't warm the pita or have a nice bowl for the hummus, there could have been a few more crudite, I forgot to put out some nuts to start...I could probably go on because I'm neurotic, but they're our parents and they love us either way and even if they weren't our parents, I think the guests still would have had a nice time. Even kitty was well-behaved. And no, I'm not pregnant nor are we getting married.
I didn't take many pictures; maybe Ken (or Greg) got a few more but here's the ish:

Roasted so juicy! I don't know why I don't eat squash more regularly.

Chocolate-Ginger cookies, take two

Earl Grey Tea cake, pre-icing


  1. lol "while they did there parenting thing":) like act interested in the small stuff and making sure you were taking good care of yourselves? lol that was so sweet.

    i had thought that it was your parents that were coming over! thats even more pressure that it was his! im so glad it turned out well! im sure they were very impressed (thats in the parenty job manual)

    the cookies look really good! like double choc chip cookies! my mouth was honestly watering

  2. Holy hoity-toity menu, Batman! But without pics, there's no proof it really happened.

    Hey, how about a giveaway on those cookies?

  3. Sounds like a great dinner party! Those brussels sound sooooo good!

    I agree with Shen...How about a giveaway on those cookes. :o) They are making my mouth water just looking at them, they look so good.

    That Earl Grey Tea cake sounds interesting. I've never heard of it, but I bet it was good.

  4. DD- It was both of our sets of parents, and the first time they were to meet! Super stress, but apparently for no good reason. They mostly inspected our cleanliness and talked about "the good old days" :)
    Shen- comin' at you.
    And yes the cake was super! Pretty lemony, but I would think you could do any number of tea variations. I was thinking of a spice tea with apple pieces, but it might get too gooey.


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