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Friday, December 10, 2010

Hooky Yields

And to think I almost went to work today!
I ate breakfast, got dressed, packed my snacks and coffee, grabbed my bag and HEADED to work with the best intentions but at the transfer station, the train to work was really messed up and there was no way of telling when the problem would be fixed so Greg and I got off the train and I called out! Sometimes you just have to take a day off. I have been thinking about it recently anyway because of a lot of holiday present planning, chores that needed to be done, etc. etc. and whatever. Work is lame. G prefaced the beginning of our adventurous day with, "Are you cooking? If you're cooking I'll stay home."
I'm glad we had the day off together because seeing him hard at work rubs off on me and I get more productive too. As soon as we got back home (around 11) after stopping at an art supply store and a grocery for some fruit, I started measuring ingredients to make Whole Wheat bread from The Joy of Vegan Baking.
I bake a lot but rarely make breads and if I do, it's a quick bread and not a yeasted one but I have been wanting to have one of those typical quiet days off you hear about in fairy tales or something (seriously, who has these days??) and make a bread: kneading, punching, rising, and all. So I did. While it rose (for 2 1/2+ hours!) I did laundry, cleaned the bedroom, finished a poem I've thinking about, and picked up groceries for the "lunch" G picked out from my newwwww cookbook!

He picked Quinoa, White Bean, and Kale stew because he is a gustatory genius and a man with good taste. The bread was a serious project even though it was a lot of down time: it took about 5 hours from start to finish so I held off on the soup until the last hour or so of the bread baking. Yeah, our planned "lunch" became a nice dinner. In the meantime I worked on a Christmas present. Phew! I still have more work to do, but after a (fairly) calm day (the laundry was a pretty grueling haul) I have energy and more concentration to spare. The totally delicious, nutritious dinner didn't hurt either. Here are the day's hooky yields:

Waiting to be slathered with Earth Balance

SO tasty and super filling

All together now (plus another bowlful)

Not to mention the peace of mind of accomplishment, a clean bunch of clothes, and a cleared apartment. And so much more soup in the fridge!! AND I have big, beautiful plans for the other half bunch of kale. I hope everyone else had a great day too.


  1. Super impressive!!! Good thing you took off. What a perfect day. Beautiful pictures.

  2. Sounds like a fun day off. Just curious how is the book? I haven't seen it yet but it seems like it may have a health bent so I was thinking it should have promise. ;-)


  3. Thanks Shen. I wish I could take every day off. But then it wouldn't be the same...

    Ali, I was wondering what you knew of this book. I love all of her cookbooks but they certainly aren't health food. This one is written with help from a Registered Dietitian and lists vitamins and nutritional information for each recipe, which is something I love to know about what I'm eating. Every meal is only 200-400 calories/serving and everything looks super delicious. I know Isa wouldn't fail me there. There do seem do be the occasional "junk food" that sneaks in which albeit healthified are definitely nothing necessary (Onion rings, gravy, and cheezy sauce come to mind) but the majority is certainly healthy.I would highly suggest you check it out!

  4. The bread and stew look soo good! Especially now that winter decided to make an appearance...ugh!


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