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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Groceries, Explosions

Pretty breakfast with tea, not coffee this morning!
I am trying to cut down on my coffee and also spread it throughout the day so as to stay at a more even keel and not get so tired after 3:30. I often feel my teeth on edge in the mornings, worrying about being late to work and coffee is probably no help there. Earl Grey has such a nice flavor and just enough caffeine.

Tofutti cream cheese with banana slices and pumpkin with cinnamon on a WW and Flax Arnold's Sandwich Thin. This would have been better with the bread toasted or warmed, but I generally like these Thins and the fact that they're pretty healthy and low calorie.
Lunch was nothing special (salad, like most days) and eaten pretty quickly so as to make a trip to Trader Joe's. Boy I spent a lot this trip, picking up special holiday baking ingredients: dried cranberries, ginger chunks (for gingerbread!), almond flour (for linzer tortes! Yes I will!), raw cashews, and other random goodies I snatched up in a rush. I ALSO picked up a bottle of 9% ABV dark beer which exploded in my bag at work!
This covered half the groceries in beer and beer smell, so when I got home I washed some of the groceries, leading to a bit of an absurd scene in the kitchen:

Larabars drying in the dish rack (oh and hell yeah to Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip larabar)

Mystery canned goods: I'm not 100% positive I labeled these correctly. But the bare tin like that makes me feel like Molly from American Girls living during World War II. Remember those dolls and the books?? I loved them and always related to Molly (mostly because she seemed the serious, studious one with glasses and braids. I was such a nerd) but I also had Samantha. My sister had Kiersten. Annnnyways. That was the bomb shelter scene of the night. Then I ate dinner.

Chopped beet, carrot, zucchini, tomatoes, and spinach mixed with a tahini-lemon-mustard paste. Then that peanut butter/choc chip larabar. Mad stuffed.


  1. How horrible for the beer to explode! That is one grocery nightmare I have yet to experience.

  2. Looks like a good breakfast! Never thought about spreading sandwich thins with Tofutti cream cheese and then adding bananas...sounds yummy!

    That does stink about the whole beer incident!

  3. Thanks for the beer sympathy. It was a bummer.

  4. Bummer on the beer explosion. I haven't heard of that before. I hope those cans are labeled correctly. I guess if they aren't you can always repackage and freeze the contents of the mistakenly opened cans.

    Love the look of that salad.



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