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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

MoFo Two: To Your Health

Cheers to breakfast in the dark:

Oatmeal with a banana, raisins, and almond butter. Coffee with hemp milk


Salad topped with balsamic vinegar, nooch, and black pepper. Gigantic gala on the side

An unpictured granola bar, but it was in a green wrapper and green for health! Kinda. Echinacea tea and also some dried figs. I love those things.

And dinner,

Salad with the same toppings and a tofu, pesto, zucchini, spinach on Whole Wheat. Green for your health!

I've yet to decide on a um healthy dessert but chocolate is an antioxidant soo...

I'm really enjoying bathing in all your blogs. Keep em coming!


  1. Who eats Oatmeal with a fork?! Was it too dark to see you weren't using a spoon?

  2. That sandwich looks so good! It all does, but in particular, I want a tofu sammie! Stat!

  3. I always eat oatmeal with a fork! Doesn't...everyone? I got dressed in the dark this morning and I was thinking how funny it'd be if I totally didn't match. Luckily I'm pretty suave.

  4. No...we do not all eat oatmeal with a fork...but I will let you off the hook because my husband also uses a fork.


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