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Thursday, November 4, 2010

MoFo Fo'

Overnight oats (soy, plain, unsweetened yogurt, cranberry-apple butter, and sliced banana) and coffee with hemp milk.

Lunch was the usual salad, topped with hummus, tofu, red wine vinegar, and pepper.

I didn't actually eat the LARAbar, which I had brought mostly because I thought Greg and I were going to look at an apartment after work and I didn't want to be hungry. Instead, earlier in the day, I snacked on some dried figs oh and some candy, which may really be adding to this terrible four-day headache I've had. I have to stop with the candy.

So, we didn't see the apartment because the guy never called back. Lame. Instead we came home and I made red quinoa with steamed mushroom, broccoli, and zucchini, on the last few leaves of my spinach and topped with the tahini dressing I made the other day.

I love quinoa's cute little tail. With more of the Magic Hat Winter Seasonal, "Howl," and a few ginger Newman-Os for desserty.

I know I'm not really doing much for MoFo, but I am trying to step up the game. Maybe next week I'll have a better theme than "Be Healthy, not Sick!" (which ISN'T WORKING SINCE MY HEADACHE IS PIERCING). However, in case you've missed these blogs in the mass that is MoFo, I'm really enjoying the themes of these girls:
Amey's Around the World in 30 Days and
Tahinitoo's Alphabet Eats!

Cute stuff, check it out because I KNOW you're not swamped with blogposts like I am.


  1. Your salad looks delicious! Hope your headache goes away :)

    Happy MoFo'ing!

  2. Great salads. Feel better soon. Make someone rub your head for you.

  3. A four-day headache sounds serious. No health insurance?

  4. Yummy looking salads. I hope you're drinking plenty of water - I know if I'm slack in this department then I get bad headaches. Feel better soon.


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