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Friday, November 5, 2010

MoFo Five: Stayin' Alive

I'm really sorry for all these ridiculously geeky post titles. But I am happy to report that I am alive and the previously mentioned marathon headache is non-existent today! Thanks for all the Get Betters and headrub recommendations :).

Today's post is going to deviate from the usual a bit. I'd like to introduce you to My Refrigerator. I'm sure you're all mildly acquainted with some similar technology. It keeps food cold and fresh.
In my non-computer time, I am a book and paper nerd and make a food zine called Marmalade Umlaut, which has a circulation of - oh, four or five people (I'm mad fame). If anyone is interested in a copy, leave me a comment or email me at antimaud(at)hotmail(dot)com. It has food memories, food news, original food poetry, occasional comics by my very good friend and cartoonist extraordinaire Gregorinksi Farrelloreli, plus some recipes and random ramblings. ANYWAY, I also have the occasional feature entitled "Wot's In Yr Fridge??" to give readers a glimpse into a typical vegan's refrigerator and what we vegans do with these bizzare "carrots" and "Goddess Dressings" (pagan heathens that we are, we worship the fungi that sprout from the expired bottles. Right?)
So, here's a real glimpse into my refrigerator. Let's start at the top. Ghosts from yore call it an ice box, I like to call it my freezer.

In it, we've got: two! bags of vegan white chocolate chips, a TJ dark chocolate-almond bar, walnut pieces, frozen pie crusts, Ginger Newman-Os, ground flax seed, Gardenburgers, ground coffee, the roommate's Czechoslovakian booze, and frozen pumpkin-cranberry muffins. Also, my roommate's bacon and homemade not-vegan strawberry ice cream.
Next up:

Looks like...not much, I know. Jarred tomato sauce in the back, pickles, the beginning of a dressing (olive oil with garlic and lemon juice), dried figs and raisins, red carton is soy milk, the green carton is vegetable broth, in the back is apple cider. Then is Bolthouse Farms Green Goodness drink, a mixed bag six-pack that I'm working through..., OJ, hemp milk, and sticking out a little in the back is No. 1 Pimms Cup liqueur. So sue me! 2nd shelf is cat food, miso paste, Earth Balance, hummus behind it, a pot of the quinoa and veg, hamburger buns and organic lemons. On the bottom we have more bread, Tofutti cream cheese, tofu, a container with half an avocado, soy yogurt behind that, mushrooms and 1/2 a zucchini, MORE BREAD, 1/2 an onion, and tempeh.
Finally, the condiments and such:

cranberry-apple butter, homemade tahini dressing, soy sauce, maple syrup, tahini, Annie's dressing, almond butter, Braggs' nooch, veg margarine, baking soda, lasagna noodles, more dressing and my baking things - applesauce, cornmeal, hemp seeds, cat treats (okay I don't bake with these), sugar, confectioner's sugar, and flour hidden somewhere in the mess.
Unpictured is my crisper, holding carrots, one cucumber, and a red onion.

Phew! So that's a lot. I know it doesn't sound like a lot of healthy food or vegetables, but this was taken after our dinner (which means the last of the salad was gone) and before going food shopping (which I should do tomorrow, or maybe Sunday when I'm off work). This is about when I start menu planning/grocery list planning.
Here's tonight's dinner, whipped up from last night's leftover with a few added vegetables:

Quinoa, sliced grape tomatoes, zucchini, broccoli, mushrooms, and the tahini dressing.

So, what about you? What's in your fridge? What are you looking forward to throwing together from it? Going to clean it soon? I am. I swear.


  1. I've never seen someone keep sugar or cornmeal in the fridge before. Huh.

  2. Yeah, we used to have a bug problem in the apartment, so it was just the easiest way to store it.

  3. You have so much room in your frig I am crazy jealous. Mine is always jammed full of produce with not enough room for air circulation. But that would be my fault, LOL.


  4. Ali -
    I've seen the photos of your fridge and I wish I had more kale in mine!! That will be remedied soon, I hope.

  5. I'm totally jealous of your two bags of vegan white chocolate chips. I've never had ONE bag in my whole life.
    And I also love how you keep nooch in the fridge. Is it better chilled?

  6. Emily -
    I only know of one store that sells them so when I go there, I stock up. They're very sweet, though.
    As to the nooch in the fridge - I don't think it affects the taste but I feel like it helps keep for longer. Not that it lasts long in the house anyway.

  7. My Whole Food's Nutritional Yeast container says not to refrigerate. 'Cool' post.

  8. Thought you might want to check out the heat stability and light sensitivity of different micronutrients. The link probably has more than you want to know. ;-)


  9. Whoa! Thanks Ali! Interesting about B12 reacting with iron and copper - I guess that's why vegan vitamins don't usually contain iron?

  10. Ooo, I'm really nosy and love to look inside people's fridges. Can I come and organize your freezer for you? :) I love that you just showed it as is...I would have cleaned mine up first and pretended that's the way it always is. Not really, but I might have at least stood my powdered sugar up. You know, things like that. :) I'm kiddin' ya! I'll take a copy of your food zine. I've never heard of the word zine before.


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