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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mo-Fo Twenty-One, TG re-cap and Giveaway Winner(s)

Sorry for not posting earlier - I've been lazy. I hope everyone's Thanksgivings were wonderful. Mine was not particularly notable but I guess that's a good thing. I saw some family I don't see often and my brother is home from Texas! The food was all absolutely delicious. I didn't take any photos (my brother did, though - maybe he got some shots of the food in but I'm pretty sure he was aiming for the people!) but my meal included roasted sweet potato, roasted potatoes, braised Brussels sprouts and escarole, my chickpea cutlet (which got burned while re-heating! Boo), my chard tart, cranberry sauce, butternut squash with onions and rosemary (amazing!), parsnip-leek-and ginger soup, roasted beets with dill - not to mention flatbreads, olives, baby tomatoes and probably some other appetizer type stuff. It sounds like a lot - and there was quite a spread, but I think I took pretty well controlled portions of the stuff. The only dessert I could eat was the one I brought - Hannah's recipe for white gingerbread, which had no molasses, but maple syrup instead and fresh ginger, lemon zest and some other amazingly fresh spices. It was so good - and other people thought so too!
The non-vegans had SO many dessert options - a cranberry-walnut pie looked particularly great.

Here are the two Chard-Fennel tarts I made:

Pumpkin cookies with White Chocolate Chips for Greg's family's feast, followed by the White Gingerbread loaf:

And perhaps the best part of Thanksgiving, the next-day-leftover plate: Chickpea cutlet with cranberry sauce, Brussels and escarole, and cherry tomatoes. Not quite the same without the family yelling around the table ;)

I'm roasting a sweet potato for dinner tonight (unnecessary but I couldn't get enough) and I had some of the tart for lunch. UM so yeah. Other than that, I'm cleaning the fridge out soon because we're moving tomorrow.
AND THE MOMENT YOU'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR: The winner of the Vegan Lunchbox giveaway is....

Send me your addy, Cadry (couldn't be helped) and I'll send you the book!
Oh - also. The last giveaway was for Lorna Sass' Short-Cut Vegan and the winner of that one passed on accepting the prize. THIS means that after a second drawing, the winner of Short Cut Vegan is...Sheramy. (I promise - I'm just not going to take another photo of my clammy hand)
So, if you're still interested, Sheramy, contact me.
(antimaud at hotmail dot com)


  1. The food looks so good - specially the Chard-Fennel tarts! :)

  2. Your tarts look really good. Where did that recipe come from? Was it a tofu base?


  3. Cranberry Sauce on a Chickpea Cutlet?! Whodathunkit?! Love those tarts. More info on the Brussels & Escarole would also be appreciated.

  4. Thanks, guys.
    Yep - the tart is a tofu base with a little nooch, flour, soy milk and spices. I made the recipe up but I'll send it to you if you'd like, Ali.
    Shen - the Brussels and escarole are my aunt's specialty! She makes them every year and has moved to making them with vegetable broth for me. They are still so good. I was doing other things in the kitchen, but it looked like she braised the Brussel Sprouts in olive oil first. The escarole and vegetable broth went into the pan until the greens wilted, and the whole thing is tossed in lemon juice. Pretty easy. I should eat escarole more often.


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