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Friday, November 19, 2010

Mo-Fo Sixteen, Some Weird Meal

Can someone tell me what this is and why I'm eating it?

It wasn't bad...but definitely nothing to MoFo about. Though here I am. MoFoing about a bowl of what could loosely be defined as pumpkin soup: Pumpkin, soy milk, hot sauce, and a handful of arugula because I'm obsessed with the stuff. I didn't even heat it up. I don't know why I feel like I'm in a rush to eat but I do.
A little more normal to round out the "meal" was an open-faced sandwich on dark rye with hummus, more arugula, and mushrooms on it.

I'm going to be cat sitting next week, as well as trying to cook Thanksgiving meals - either at the cat-sit house or at the apartment here, which may or may not have a working oven. I'm also trying to pack for moving all whilst not freaking out. There is a bunch of food in the house that needs to be eaten and I'm eating bread and arugula??
I'll pick up the pace soon, I hope.


  1. I can think of worse things than craving arugula. You aren't eating with an ice cream scoop though, are you?

  2. Haha..I wish. But it is a big spoon. It's hard to fit in my mouth!


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