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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mo-Fo Seventeen, part 2

For posterity's sake.
I shamelessly showed you all the dirty and disorganized inside of my fridge and now figure I'll shamelessly give you a tour of my (sizable for Brooklyn but still) pretty tiny kitchen in which I've been cooking, baking, and MoFoing for the last year.
I'm moving in a week and I guess I just wanted to give this place its due. Plus I like to see what the inside of other people's homes look like. Hopefully you do too. Again, I just got home and am half-packed up for the move, so please disregard the mess.

Stove, etc. with map of the world to the left

"Counter space" (my ass) and sink. Note the lovely busted cabinet door. What's a girl gotta do to get a super around here?

Fridge with a baby Harley Quinn on it! Lots of tasty stuff in it.

Cat dishes, cymbals, two big cans of pumpkin, the one lonely window with the beautiful and very crooked curtain I sewed, table

The messy table (with reading material) and bad cat Haxan pulling at the recycling.

She's served me well. Obviously you can see that I spend a lot of time in the kitchen at the computer and not just eating. How are your kitchens decorated?


  1. i have a very minimalistic kitchen. i always feel torn about having the clean lines look - or going more fun and whimsical and "homey" with my spices all out, mismatched dishes, etc. for now, it's very monochromatic. thanks for sharing tidbits of your life; it's fun to see.

  2. I've only lived where I am now for a year and a half but my kitchen before was tiny - I had as much counter space as you and there wasn't even a window! My kitchen now is lovely though and I heart it so much. I had a new sink plumbed in yesterday (photo on my blog) in fact there's a photo of my old kitchen and my new kitchen on my blog -


  3. Wow Jeni- what a nice change! Our new kitchen is larger but isn't very well equipped either. Obviously we work with what we can. I can't believe you cooked Christmas dinner in the other one either! Kudos.

    And Jenny - I feel the same way about decorating. I can't really afford to start with new stuff so everything is mismatched by default (which is cute) of me getting my mother's hand me downs. I compensate by trying to keep things at least as clean and clear as possible (usually! The photo isn't representative of the ideal state...)

  4. My kitchen is a mess. I admire anyone with clear countertops. I compost (so there's all that building up on the counter) plus all the recycling to take to the drop-off location. Then there's the plastic containers from carryout that I can't bring myself to toss. Very scary.

  5. Right on with the composting but why don't you do that outside? I wish I could do it at all.
    And messy kitchens are loved kitchens.

  6. Well, I do put the stuff in the compost pile outside, just sometimes it takes a few days to move it out there...One day, when you have a compost pile, you will see...Maybe.


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