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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Weirdest Lunch Ever

Not so much because of the food itself but because as I tried to enjoy my lunch in St. Marks' Church park with a book, I was engaged in two conversations.
One was with a nice street-punk squatter type:
"That looks like a nice salad."
"Yeah, tofu and all that. Carrots are hard on my teeth, though. You gotta be careful. They're better boiled but you lose all the vitamins that way."
"I know."
"Well, have a nice book!"
"You too."

That was nice of him. That I can deal with. But then, another dude comes up to me who is obviously out of his mind on something but not a crusty street punk. I can't even transcribe the conversation because he was rambling about everything and nothing and kept asking to see the book when I was making an obvious point to be very engrossed in its pages. Some highlights, however:
"You ever heard the phrase alla eloquentia?" "No." "It means everything is eloquent." "Oh."
"You ever wonder about death and dying?" "No."
"I thought that pigeon was eating a rock. Why would it do that?" "I don't know."
"You know the phrase [fkjhfaifhhdu]?" This question I just ignored completely, but gave him a flat out "No" without looking at him to his final, "Care to grab a drink?"
Then he got up and left.

Anyway, the salad wasn't very good. It needed more flavor but at least I didn't spend any money on food yesterday.

Spinach, tofu, zucchini, carrot, sprouts with red wine vinegar, black pepper, and a little nooch, on top of Michael Chabon'sYiddish Policemen's Union. Uhhhh read any good books lately? Harassed by any weirdos?


  1. Well at least the weirdos didn't spoil a delicious lunch. I haven't been harassed by weirdos in quite a while come to think of it (not counting my boss). Haven't read any books either -- good or bad.

  2. Well, I'm finishing up my undergrad as an English I read a lot, all of the time. What kind of books do you like?

    Also, it seems like you had an interesting day, to say the least. Hope you like meeting new and...interesting...people.

  3. Hey, still looks good to me- Definitely has potential, at least! And forget the jerks who don't know good food because they're so close-minded they won't even taste it to find out. They're not worth worrying over!

  4. Marja, yeah I was an English major too. It was intense and I'm glad to be reading at my own pace these days. I read a little of everything, I think. Maybe leaning more toward older stuff just because I can't keep up with all the new books being published! I love Joyce, Eco, Calvino, Toni Morrison, poetry, whatever...

  5. Aww...I miss NYC and all the weirdos. But I think I'd trade the NY weirdos for all the Arkansas rednecks driving around with dead deers in the back of their trucks or posting their pictures of dead ducks on facebook...sigh...poor eloquent dude still walking around trying to make friends. :)

  6. hahahaha that is seriously one funny conversation with the "eloquent dude". maybe he was trying to pick you up! and your salad does look a little sad... I find hard to eat whole carrots! I'm so lazy to chew....


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