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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Just Food

Here are some random shots from the other day -
I went to visit my parents and took a photo of the corn growing in their yard.

I also went grocery shopping with my dad and it was really weird to shop for more than one person, especially when those people have completely different food tastes from myself (well, not completely: my mom yelled to us as we left the house, "Get some chicken! Oh and get me something healthy!" My dad replies, "Tofu?" -Silence- "I-I'll eat tofu!" It was cute.)
I don't even look anymore at the egg/dairy section and all of a sudden I'm considering the sale options of yogurts: Fruit on the Bottom? No-Fat? Do my parents want brown or white eggs? Jumbo A or Large AA? (Does anyone even know what those rating systems mean?)
The funniest part was when I was holding my arms around me in the meat department (because it was so cold - not from horror, although..) and my dad suggests I stand in front of the rotisserie to warm up! Like a chicken! Ahaha. I declined and offered to pick up the white trash bags.

Anyway, I went home and Greg and I hung out and ended up making another Colleen Patrick-Goudreau: "Crowd-Pleasing Pasta with Tomatoes and Artichokes." It definitely would have fed a crowd - we were left with a huge pot's-worth afterward. Her recipe calls for olives, which we left out but added in mushrooms, and we also left out the garlic since we used marinated artichokes which probably had already been sitting in garlic. We also steamed a bit of spinach in (which pretty much disappeared in cooking) for some greenery. It was tasty.

Also, I still have the giveaway for the Will Write For Food book. If you're interested, you know, say so.


  1. Standing in/walking by the grocery store meat department is something I can't ever get my mind around. It's like all that suffering and fear and death wrapped up in individual packages like nothing ever happened. I go by it almost every day.

  2. When we go grocery shopping, as we pass the meat section at WF, I try to move quickly because my 3 kids are calling out, "Yuck! Gross!" I'm secretly happy but don't want to be rude so I "shh" them but not emphatically.

    Sorry about all of my late comments at once...I went through a period of being away from the computer and am finally catching up. And that sounds like a really cool book - I'm surprised you're not getting more takers - I think you need to jazz up your delivery, confidently proclaim your giveaway with some large font or something. :)


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