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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hohhhokay so I tried to calm down with the eating today. Breakfast was a scaled down version of yesterday's: Saltines with either Tofutti cream cheese or almond butter and banana slices. With more pickle coffee.

At work I snacked on an apple and then had lunch of a salad: lettuce, chipotle hummus, avocado, and the raw vegetables. The apple was a tiny one from upstate and was really good and crisp. I can't wait for apple season to really be back in full force. The salad was also notable in that I so rarely use lettuce as the base...I only did this because I have spinach at the apartment and didn't want to buy a repeat. I forgot how much I don't really enjoy lettuce. I think it was green leaf and it tasted dirty. Beh.

I also had an Apple Pie LARABAR later, which I am beginning to think is the only flavor I really should buy. That and Cherry are the two lowest calorie bars and of the two, I like apple pie better.
Oh! Also! A guy at work had gooseberries from the Farmer's Market and shared one with me! Have you ever had a gooseberry? Everyone who tried one had a different "It tastes like..." moment. Someone said Fruity Pebbles with a bitter aftertaste, someone else said sweet butter popcorn, and I thought it tasted oddly like cake batter. Weird, no? What is the most exotic fruit you've eaten? Lingonberry? Elderberry? Lychee? Starfruit?
Annnyway, I made it home and had a repeat of the salad out of the serving bowl and a beer, after two nights of not drinking!

I later ate the last few saltines with some almond butter and honey. Oh, and some apricots.
Cat sitting is over tomorrow, so who knows when I'll be able to post again. LIVE STRONG. Here are the kitties I was watching (Shen). Barack and Joe, adopted September 2008.


  1. Barack! What a great name for a cat! (Much better than John &/or Sarah). Thanks for taking good care of them.


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