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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Blate Blurunch

I promised Greg I would post this and HERE I YAM!
This one's worth it, too. We went to service at Brooklyn's first Unitarian Church this morning and had FUN. However, we left the house a little after 9, having only had coffee and when service was over, we were pretty hungry and had big plans for Sunday brunch, inspired by the beautiful, beautiful morning as well as all the fancy restaurants in downtown Brooklyn.
We decided on making tofu scramble and pancakes with fruit to go on top. We splurged a little and actually got the maple syrup too. It was worth it.
We used Isa's recipes from Vegan Brunch which is actually the first time I used the book I was oh-so-excited about (not that anyone really needs a tofu scramble recipe but her spice mix was something I didn't know). Her recipe is pretty basic, but we added mushrooms, tomato, and spinach to bulk it up.
The pancakes were really good (really, Greg) and the syrup was really delicious: we heated up the maple syrup with peach, banana, and pear. Fresh coffee and the world was complete.
I hope everyone's morning was as delicious. I'm going to go catch up on the blogs to make sure about that: Sorry, I've been out of the internet for some while now.


  1. Glad to see you're still amongst the living.

  2. We almost died this morning from not eating until 2 pm! It was a close call, but thanks.


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