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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Old News, Precap

Greg and I had a dinner party last week. And we're having another one today. Today's is probably going to be more casual (cash (?) as G would say) which is way cool by me. Last time was fun too but I get stressed out and upset pretty easily, even when the hot button is really only the smell of frying grease and Ed likes to flip out. Also, I hate roaches with a violent, firey passion.
Okay, this is perhaps a TMI aside, but do any of you other food bloggers have problems with bugs in your kitchen? I'm pretty obsessively clean but living in an NYC apartment building that has (and does) housed countless other families, other families' food, food remnants and general grossness, there are bound to be bugs. And it's not like I'm not to blame too: cooking like I do, it's bound to get bad. And it's bad. I can hardly stand it anymore. How do you guys deal with it? It's almost embarrassing to have people over and the filth is almost so depressing and overwhelming that I don't want to face it and keep cleaning constantly. Ugh.
Ummm the food was sort of Latin themed because G likes it and also sort of for my sister who just got back from a semester away in Barcelona. (Whattup Biz!) Gazpacho, guacamole with chips, black bean burgers, and coconut rice pudding with mango. I felt too weird to take pictures during the meal (that's gotta stop...) but here's the gazpacho, and my leftover black bean burger from the next day, which I topped with avocado, spinach, and tomato.

The gazpacho was tasty! I think I could have used more tomatoes, or at least a deeper flavored one and I always wish things were spicier...we used the recipe from The Everything Raw Food Recipe Book and the black bean burger from Colleen Patrick Goudreau's The Vegan Table, even though pretty much every vegan cookbook will have a recipe for these burgers. I'd say she knows what she's doing. They were really tasty but I recommend baking them, not frying them (400 for 25ish minutes).
G's guacamole was a hit...and oh! I didn't have any rice pudding until the next day, when it was cold but it was crazy good. It was super super rich, though, but the mango cut the creaminess and the sugar just the right amount. That recipe was adapted from Arroz con Leche from The Urban Vegan. We substituted coconut milk for soy and arborio rice for regular.

And like I said, Colleen Patrick Goudreau knows what's up. We're using her cookbook again for spinach lasagna for this dinner get-together. Maybe I'll take some photos this time, though technically you have seen it before.

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  1. Love the dinner party menu. Simple but a crowd pleaser.


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