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Monday, July 26, 2010

DP Three

I would say the dinner party went pretty well. Beers were had, food was eaten um etcetera.
Andy and Maritza brought a Shepherd's salad of cucumber, tomato, red onion, and lemon juice which was really nice and refreshing.
Greg made his famous (true) guacamole, this time with the addition of some black beans. Also included were grape tomatoes, raw corn, jalapeno, and the usual lime juice. My only problem with the guacamole is that I didn't really taste any of it...I was still baking the stuffed peppers at this point.
I bought bell peppers at the farmer's market the other day - 2 of which were purple peppers! They were a light eggplant color, but when we baked them, they turned a horrible grey corpse-y color. Oh well. They were stuffed with arborio rice, black beans, diced tomatoes, onions and garlic, parsley and mint and ground almonds.
Also baking was polenta which I have only eaten once before and never made. It was totally bizarre! Almost as soon as the corn meal went into the boiling water it was cooked! Crazy! We threw sundried tomatoes and chopped basil and parsley in with the cornmeal, as well as some nooch and soy milk. You can serve it right away, but we went with the cooling and later baking method. These were served with a red pepper sauce, which Greg didn't like so much but I did - it had coconut and cayenne pepper in it!
So that was that, then we washed dishes, and out came the cake! I used the Chocolate Cake recipe from Joy of Vegan Baking, with chocolate chips thrown in. I doubled the recipe in my own weird way, splashing wet ingredients in and hoping for the best, and adding a little applesauce to offset some of the oil.
Here it is cooling:

With a layer of raspberry jam in the middle:

Iced and decorated:

I didn't taste any of it. I do sort of wish I had...if only to know what to do for next time, or to see if it was any good. It was pretty easy all together, so perhaps more cakes are in the future.
Also, everything we made this time was from a Colleen Patrick-Goudreau book. I'd say the lady knows what she's doing.
Also! Do you guys take vitamins and/or supplements? What brands do you use? I want to start taking vitamins again but I can hardly choke down these Solgar brand that I use. They smell like vomit! Any recommendations?


  1. i think dp three is the name of a porno i watched once

  2. Yeah, took me a while to figure out DP as well. Although 'Deep Pen' never crossed my mind. I guess that is a good thing.

  3. Hee hee! DP confusion notwithstanding, that cake looks like the bomb.

  4. There you go again - making food and not even getting to enjoy it. You're right - most natural multi-vitamins smell and taste terrible. And they're so darn big. Right now I am taking Rainbow maybe that's not the right choice for you. :) The only reason (I'm not pregnant) I'm taking them is: they were half off and are a once a day vitamin. Those 3 or 6 a days are hard for me. I also take DEVA Omega 3-DHA and Jarrow Formulas b-12.

    Guueeeessss what?! You won my giveaway. I'm getting ready to write a post about it. Send your mailing address to me at :)


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