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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Another Finally!

This one was inevitable because it is DAMN hot outside.
I've been wanting to make a green smoothie for breakfast for a long time now (especially that raw week) because everyone seems to say they are good at holding you over, they're obviously healthy, give you a great green burst of energy, and what is better for breakfast in the summer than something cool to drink?
The only problem has been my apartment - namely the fact that I get up and eat early, whereas my roommate works and sleeps later but he leaves his bedroom door open to get more air. I feel weird enough in the kitchen already without blaring a blender. Anyway, he's away this week so I finally made the damn smoothie!

-A little less than two cups of loosely packed chopped spinach leaves
-1 frozen banana, chopped
-Almond milk to almost cover
-small Tbs. raw almond butter
-small Tbs. Trader Joe's Green Powder

Blend! There are probably so many variations on this that I wish my roommate would stay away forever. Or maybe I'll start making salad smoothies for dinner or something. I bet some lemon in with no nut butter and apple juice instead of almond milk would be pretty tasty too.
I know they say this is pure liquid energy, but I might bring some iced coffee with me to work anyway. Or drink it


  1. Mmm green smoothies! How was yours? I made the mistake of putting way too much spinach or kale in mine before and it was unedible. Oh! And do NOT ever add peas. Maybe I am the only retard who did that, but it's disgusting. As long as you can get the fruit/ veg ratio good, they taste awesome!

  2. Hahah, peas! I can see that tasting really terrible, but you're to be lauded for adding the most amount of greens.
    Mine was super tasty - not very sweet considering how ripe the banana was, but a nice thickness and not too green-tasting. I want to try it with kale, but that has a stronger taste, doesn't it?

  3. I've never made one either. I assume you must have a super strong blender to liquify the greens? I don't feel like shelling out $400 for a vita-mix.

  4. No way, that proctor silex was about 30 bucks and I've had it for years (though I don't use it much). I think if you cut things small enough you and make sure there's enough liquid you should be okay. You can always drain out excess liquid later.


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